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Woke up feeling funky at about 3am. Probably due to the cognac and medium rare burger I had last night. I guess my days of liquor and beef are over! Rolled around in bed until 10am trying to decide how I felt and if I wanted to workout before Karate, if I wanted to go to karate, how many calories I set myself back last night, etc.

Eventually I pulled it together.

1045am: Karate (moderate difficulty/cardio)
1215am: Weightlifiting Circuit

Jump Rope: 4 sets of 50-60 rotations between weight training circuits 

Bench press: 3 sets at 20 lbs; 4th set at 30 lbs!!
21’s (Biceps): 3 sets at 30 lbs; 4th set at 40 lbs (tough!)
Closed Grip Bench Press: 3 sets at 30 lbs; 4th set at 40 lbs
Skull Crushers: 3 sets at 30 lbs; 4th set at 40 lbs
Triceps pulldown (rope) 4 sets at 40-60 lbs
Lat Pulldowns: 4 sets at 60 lbs!! I think this is a new high. I need to go back and look at workout logs.

Food Log
12noon: Slimfast Optima (drank on way to gym from Karate)
230pm: 2 string cheese + large slim jim jerky

530pm: Small Beef Stew

645pm: Sheppard’s Pie + Chic Pea Salad + Wine

900pm: small “no pudge” brownie

Karate was alot of fun again. Not as cardio intense today as it has been, more on techniques and stuff. I ran through the 15 basics over and over w/ Sensei Lucy and got a little bit of Bo training in at the end. I did have the energy to lift after karate but decided to hold cardio until Sunday or monday depending on how I feel tomorrow.

The scale is showing a little bit of a dip, but I haven’t broken into the 250’s yet which is my next milestone. at 250 lbs I’ll have lost 10% of my starting body weight. Yeah, no more cognac and burgers for me!


700am: Spinning

Woke up feeling pretty good! I took 2 ibuprofen when I got into the bed and that both put me to sleep and took some of the edge off the soreness I think. It was no problem getting up to get to class. It helps that I was in the bed by 1145pm.

Food Log:

800am: Slimfast Optima Shake
945am: Scrambled Eggs w/ Salsa + bacon/sausage (small portion)
Large Coffee

430pm: Turkey + Cheese on white bun (shouldn’t have eaten this, a) white bread and b) not hungry)

800pm: Fried Calamari, Double Courvoisier and rare lean burger w/ fries. All bad choices and my stomach paid for it that night.

I feel pretty good/strong right now. I’m considering a workout tonite (abs, pushups, treadmill?) and maybe not going to the gym tomorrow, just doing Karate and Sunday doing a good lift workout. I want to get good workouts in, but I don’t want to overdo it or burn out so I’ll play the next couple of days by ear.

I’m really proud of myself for eating pretty well, staying on track and doing my best. I need to drink more H20 and watch the snacking which I’ve done out of “I am working hard, I deserve this.” type of mentality/justification. I am finding that my hunger is abating a bit and my appetite isn’t as large, I’m getting better at stopping when I’m comfortably satiated.

One thing that worked well the other night is I ate a bowl of fruit before I ate dinner. While I don’t see me doing this all the time as I don’t have a big sweet tooth, I can see the benefits of filling up on fruits/veggies before digging into things like spaghetti/pasta/bread/potatoe type meals.

I am also looking forward to learning/trying some winter sports. Skiing/snowboarding/snowshoeing and ice skating/pond hockey. I’m working on getting more cardiovascular fitness and more “core” strength so that my knees won’t take a beating.

My Goals for this week:

Mon: Cardio + Weights (done!)

Tues: Karate (done!)

Weds: Spinning (done!) + Weights (or abs and push ups) (x-body sore/tired)

Thurs: Karate (done!)

Fri: Spinning (done!)

Sat: Cardio (Hard workout) + Karate

Sun: Rest

This Week’s Goals:
Mon: Spinning–Check! (also went to Karate)
Tues: Cardio + Weights (x)
Weds: Spinning (Check!) and I added PM Cardio!
Thurs: Rest Day (x) – I went to Karate
Fri: Cardio + Weights – (AM: Spinning)

645am: Spinning Class

8am: Large Coffee w/ Skim Milk

My goal today is to eat clean and get out of work on time and hit the gym for more cardio and a weight workout which I’ve been missing. I will also focus on eating when I’m hungry and eating healthy when I’m hungry instead of counting on the fact that I am not eating as much as I used to as a “justification” for eating poorly (mozzarella sticks, pizza) and snack on my fruit cups and applesauce especially sense I’ve got a weekend out of town.

The Best 20 minute workouts from

By Stew Smith

Do you want to jump start your New Year with some great fitness ideas that you can incorporate into your fitness routine? If you are like many Americans, getting the time to exercise is challenging. But, this article is proof that you can fit fitness into your schedule on just about any “busy” day in your life.

The other day, I was emailed the following question: I only have about 20-30 minutes a day to exercise. What can I do in that amount of time? Not wanting to limit the answer to – just a few pushups and situps – I set out to prove how much you could do in such a little amount of time. My goal is to prove that you do not need several hours to maintain a fitness program – just minutes a day. Though the transition time may add to the total time invested in your workout, here is a list of 20-30 minute workouts you can do in your home, office, lunch time, or local gym:

The superset is a great way to workout if you have limited time. Each cycle should take you two minutes. If you can do ten cycles of this you will total 300 pushups and 400 crunches. Not bad for 20 minutes! No resting in between sets! You basically rest by doing crunches. The two supersets you see below are great to alternate every other day.

Pushup/Crunch superset:
Repeat 10 cycles of:
– 10 regular pushups
– 10 crunches
– 10 wide pushups
– 10 crunches
– 10 tricep pushups
– 10/10 Left/Right crunches

Leg / ab superset:
Repeat 5 cycles of:
– 20 squats
– 20 crunches 20
– 10 lunges per leg
– 10 crunches
– 20 calf raises
– 20 crunches

Running or walking!
How much running or walking can you do in 20-30 minutes? Some people can run 3-6 miles or walk 2-3 miles in that time period. Try this one if you want to run.

4 Mile Track Work:
1. Jog 1 mile in 7:00-8:00
2. Three sets of 1/4-mile sprints in 90-100 seconds
3. Jog or walk – 1/4 mile

Six sets of:
Sprint-1/8 mile
Jog – 1/8 mile

Or you can mix the two types of exercise together and do what I call a Spartan Run.

Spartan Run:
1. Run 1 mile
2. 100 pushups in as few sets as possible
3. 100 crunches
4. Run 1 mile
5. 75 pushups in as few sets as possible
6. 75 crunches
7. Run 1 mile
8. 50 pushups in as few sets as possible
9. 50 crunches

How much swimming can you do in 20-30 minutes? Some people can swim a mile in that time. Here is a great workout though if you want to mix a little PT with swimming.

Swim PT
Repeat 5-10 times:
1. Swim 100 yards
2. Do 10-20 pushups
3. Abs – 20-30

This is the ultimate workout I have ever done in under 20 minutes. The challenge is to do:

100 pullups as few sets as possible
200 pushups in as few 2:00 sets as possible
300 situps in as few 2:00 sets as possible

Do these as quickly as possible. You can alternate exercises after each set of maximum repetitions.

As you can see, you can do quite a bit in as little as 20-30 minutes. These workouts are a little advanced and you should consult your doctor before starting an exercise program, especially if you have not exercised in several years. Of course you can create your own program using these exercise ideas for your own fitness level. If you want to improve your PFT scores the motto is, “You will succeed by failing.” So push yourself every set until you can no longer perform the exercise. If you do this 2-3 times a week, you will have better PT scores within a month.

Workouts are taken from the downloadable eBooks sold at the eBook Fitness Store. If you have any questions on fitness, please feel free to email Stew Smith at

Wow. I actually made it to Karate class tonight. I was worried about how out of shape I am, but I went and it was FUN. The first exercise we did to get warmed up I was really good at and the Sensei was like “you’ve got a sports background” and I told him I did play basketball in HS and that does wonders for hand eye coordination!

We did this game/exercise where we were in a circle (about 15 of us) and we had this weighted ball (about 5-8 lbs) that we tossed around as fast as we could randomly. The goal is to NOT drop this ball. If you do you have to exit the circle and do a push up and then return. At the end we did eliminations. I made it down to the last 4!

We did some practice “attacks” and that was FUN too. Kicking exercises were tough, but good for lower body. I was seriously sweating up in there!

I’m probably going to go to one or two more sessions before I commit. What a great day. Two new things I’ve tried and both were interesting enough that I’ll be back again. God willing and the creek don’t rise as we say in the south!

And yes, yes I DID give myself TWO stars today.

Spinning Class: 40 mins (645am)

I can’t even believe I got up and went to this class this morning. And truth be told, if it weren’t for Mikisha I probably would have stayed in bed. It is getting COLD outside up here and it was hard to get up.

However, I totally enjoyed the class and will try it again on Wednesday I think. I didn’t go “all out” because I wanted to get a feel for what the class was like. My butt hurt but I learned I can go buy a “gel” seat that will help. I’m not at all comfortable with the idea of wearing “padded” biker shorts at my height/weight, but the “gel” seat sounds like an option. My toes also hurt so I’m going to try my Airmax 95’s next time.

My goal today is to make it to Karate Class at 6:30pm and get some major “work work” done at work (lol).

Food Log:

9am: scrambled eggs w/ salsa two small sausage links
2pm: tuna salad on light wheat w/ baked lays + 2 (1/4’d) pickle spears
*two cups coffee throughout the day

815pm: medium size haddock (fish) w/ corn and peas mix (plus butter), still not starving, but a little hungry. May go for an apple sauce in a little while.

Weird, I’m not that hungry today…hmmm. Hope this keeps up! I can live with not being hungry or tempted! But its prolly all that pizza I had yesterday (and I enjoyed EVERY DAMN BITE!).

This Week’s Goals:

Mon: Spinning–Check!
Tues: Cardio + Weights
Weds: Spinning
Thurs: Rest Day
Fri: Cardio + Weights

Ate a huge breakfast today, but I’ve got company in town and we’re just chillin’. I had mostly protein. Eggs w/ cheese and onion, ham and bacon, one slice of wheat toast. And coffee, lots and lots of sweet coffee!

Then we walked about 2 miles around the campus sightseeing. Then more wandering out and about wherein I ate a nice size bag of kettle korn. yummy!

We did hit the gym briefly and I did 30 minutes on the Step Mill, have you tried this thing? It’s a BEAST, but I really like it. It simulates walking up steps and you can really blast some calories and work up a sweat. I’m glad my friend was game for working out. Tomorrow I’m going to hit the gym and hopefully drag her too. And if the sun is out, maybe play some golf!

Tomorrow I will eat clean and tonite I should get a good night’s sleep which definitely makes a difference!

Whew. Went to the gym and hit the treadmill for 35 minutes and THEN went to an introductory Karate class. Damn, that kicked my butt. Karate made me feel so out of shape in so many ways, but I can see why this would be a great cross-training activity. I’m going to try it out for a month and see how I like it.

I also found out one of my colleagues is a spinning instructor on campus. She invited me to come and try it out and I plan to do that next week.

So, I’m working on it. The good news is that I’m down to 267.6  (about an 11 lb loss) and holding even though I’ve eaten a bit more heavy the last week/weekend. I’m alternately feeling good and feeling disheartened on how far I have to go, but I’m loving the “star” system and this blog.  Weight watechers gets going next Tuesday.

I really, really didn’t want to go to the gym this morning. I finally made it by 730am only to discover that I had left my iPod headphones at the house. Now I don’t know about yall, but I can barely make it through 5 minutes of “gym” type exercise w/o my music, its just so dang boring. But I hope it says something about my commitment level that I did:

Treadmill: 10 mins (2% incline 3.3/walking)

Recumbent Bike: 10 mins

Elliptical Trainer: 10 mins

At 8 am, I had a packet of oatmeal w/ no butter, added splenda and that is it. This is far better than my two packs, plus lots o’ butter that I was having before.  At 10am I had two hard boiled eggs and two small sausage links.  I have a lunch meeting and yesterday I managed to eat a salad so today I’m not worried that I won’t be able to make a healthy choice.

I also brought some mini-bags of popcorn, some oatmeal packets to work for my “snack attack” drawer. I also brought some “bird food” to snack on today if necessary (yogurt and granola). I can’t believe this is me eating this stuff!

I think I am going to request my office be re-arranged to make way for the treadputer, and I’m thinking that I may split my workouts on the days I can and do cardio in the a.m. and weights in the p.m. I like lifting and it doesn’t really feel like exercise so I think I’d be more liable to go do that in the evenings. I know me well enough to know I’m not going to go do cardio after work 🙂

I also started my cycle today-ladies you know what I mean! And I’m excited b/c I tend to burn alot of calories when I workout during this time of the month.

Finally, I have two shirts that I LOVED when I was smaller (french cuffs!) that I can no longer fit. I have put them on hangers in my closet and try them on occassionally. I’m hoping this will be good motivation and not make me feel worse?


Went to the gym again this evening around 830pm.

circuit training

lat pulldowns wide grip 2×20 reps, 2×15 reps

lat pulldowns reverse grip 2×20 reps, 2×15 reps

benchpress 2 x bar x 20 reps, 2 x bar x 15 reps

skull crushers 2 x 12 lb bar x 20 reps, 2 x 20 lb bar x 2o reps

also did 7 rounds of jumping rope for 20-30 seconds with 90 seconds rest in between.

there were like 4 people in the gym so it was fun to do the circuit and this time I remembered my headphones.

I did eat well today. I ordered a cobb salad at lunch, ate 30% of it, finished it at like 4:30pm.  had a mini bag of popcorn at like 2pm.  cooked up a storm but no appetite for dinner with the heat.

Got home from the gym and got it in my head that i was going to run around the block. this turned out to be a bad idea for so many reasons 🙂  1. wrong bra 2. no knee brace 3. wearing dark clothes 4. started up an incline. so…i pretty much dragged my butt home. tomorrow is another day.

It is so hot here in VA that it is hard to get motivated to run outside (or go outside at all). No traditional exercise the last two days due to all day work on getting the rental unit ready for new tenants. Painting, weeding garden, cleaning, sweeping, etc. good 5-7 hours on Thursday and Friday, so I don’t feel too bad. My body is arguing with me over that as it is!

Today I popped in the Jillian Michaels Cardio Kickbox DVD and did 10 minutes of that..damn, I was sweating and huffing after the first two minutes. Its not much, but I’m glad I did that. My hope is that I’ll take a nap and do the couch to 5k run tonite when it cools down!

My mom asked me if I had weighed myself and I haven’t since….June 21st? I kind of wouldn’t be surprised if I were down a couple of pounds and kind of wouldn’t be surprised if I wasn’t.

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