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645am: Spin Class

 Class was good from a sweat perspective today, but the music wasn’t great. Lots of folk and rock music. But I guess its hard to keep things mixed up and everyone happy!

I haven’t been eating very clean. But I am down another 2.8 lbs from last week per weight watchers meeting. I have been stumped by the 2 lb difference between my scale at the house and the WW scale at our meetings and yesterday I realized…duh…I weigh myself totally starkers at home, and with clothes on at WW!! So…mystery solved. For purposes of this blog I’m giving the 2 lb range and that is why (i.e. so far I’m down 9.2 lbs since joing weight watchers and down 18-20 lbs from May 21, 2007.

Part of me wants the weight to come off faster and another knows I am making a LIFESTYLE change and that takes time. I need to eat a bit cleaner.  I’m starting to “sneak” in little things that aren’t healthy versus being consistently healthy w/ little “treats” occassionally. I’m also not as in love w/ karate as I am w/ spinning and trying to decide if I should keep spinning and piano and karate or finish karate?

wish me luck!


wow. what a week. between a huge work event/conference i am responsible for that ran all weekend and the shoulder/muscle injury (about 80% better). I haven’t been in the gym in a week! i miss it. plus, plus i have had cake, and wine, and oh my goodness..breaded chicken!  I have to travel weds-fri of this week so i’m not even going to set myself up for failure. but i’m looking forward to saturday and karate and lifting and my piano lesson. then a possible trip down to NY. i will get my eating under control and hit it full steam ahead.

 good news?

weight watchers weigh-in read 262.8 so I’m at my pre-sem. @ sea weight and down a total of about 16lbs in 3-4 months of trying changing my lifestyle and eating habits. I’m proud, but it is only the beginning. I have 100 lbs left to go. I know I can do it! My next milestone will be 250 lbs which will mark 10% of my total weight lost! So..12 lbs by Christmas? I think I can do it!

Woke up hungry as all get out! I nibbled and snacked last night after the gym (slimfast Optima shake, lowfat string cheese and 3 peanut butter crackers). I need to ween my system off the white flour and fried breading it got this weekend and then my hunger will abate again I’m sure.  I need to snack “cleaner” and step up my cardio intensity. I got on the WW scale today and was down .2 lbs lol, which after a weekend of wine and fried chicken is OKAY with me! But I want to see some more drastic results, and last week, by the end of the week I could really FEEL that I was “smaller.”

So far today I’ve been eating clean, but I’m hungrier than I was last week.

830 am: coffee w/ skim and splenda + Banana

1145 am: Slimfast Optima (on the way to Weight Watchers!)

130 pm: Salad w/ grilled chicken (no boiled eggs, no cheese)

500pm: Slimfast Optima

900pm: Spinach w/ onions and chicken sausage (sauteed)

930pm: 2 Qhourn “chicken” nuggets (fake chicken)

I started my “cycle” this morning, so I’m glad in that it burns up tons of calories, but I also have to wear a white karate uniform….great! lol.

My Goals for this week:

Mon: Cardio + Weights (done!)

Tues: Karate (done!)

Weds: Spinning + Weights (or abs and push ups)

Thurs: Karate

Fri: Spinning

Sat: Cardio (Hard workout)

Sun: Rest

“It’s a tough thing for people to accept – but the smaller the rate of fat loss – the longer you can keep losing fat without a plateau and the easier it is to keep it off.” – Alwyn Cosgrove

Recovery Walk (w/ dog): 40 mins, approx 1.5-2 miles. I walked the route that I want to start my running plan on. Pretty well lit, straight out and back about 2 miles.

I was supposed to meet MN at the Alumni gym at 10 am. She texted me at 930 asking for a raincheck and to meet Monday for the spinning class we want to check out. I was already dressed and was on my way, but damn if I wasn’t a-o-kay with the bailout.

My body was tired and achey, I felt headachey and dehydrated. So…I just chilled out. I hit the couch, ate pizza and wings and pretended like I was watching football when “football was watching me” as a friend likes to say.

I was craving pizza and I just went ahead and ordered it and it was LOVELY!! Not beating myself up but I’m going to allow myself that cheat day and get back to business tomorrow. My cycle is about to start so I see the headaches, sweets and hunger are a part of that. I love getting my cycle because it seems like I burn a ton more calories.

I spoke with one of my mentees and learned that she lost 75 lbs on weight watchers. What a great/inspirational story. She looks great and I never would’ve guessed she was heavy at some point. My only fear is my reaction to the part of her story that took 1.5 years. I guess I am lying to myself that I am not trying to lose as much as possible as fast as (healthily) possible. But I know that the way I did it last time didn’t work, and the way I’m doing it now (slow, steady, total change in habits and lifestyle) will.

Tuesday is my WW weigh-in and though I’m not really changing habits or anything, the thought of that IS keeping me somewhat accountable 🙂

This week’s goals:

Mon: Spinning

Tues: Cardio + Weights

Weds: Spinning or Cardio

Thurs: Rest Day

Fri: Cardio + Weights

I haven’t been to the gym since Saturday, eek! But my sleep patterns have been off and work is ramping up. That said, I know I need to continue to make my health my #1 priority.

  • Today was our first official Weight Watchers meeting during lunchtime. I went, I enjoyed it and think it will be a good source of new info and knowledge to live healthier. I am proud of myself for doing this for me. I now have a 10% of my bodyweight Target goal. I’m kind of excited about that. Simple concept, but I hadn’t set a stretch goal like that. Just my 5-7 lb desire to get to 262.  This is a 10 week program that will end on December 18th (11 wks), so at 2 lbs/week, I could get close to the 10% goal by then!
  • I went and had my blood sugar and blood pressure checked at a free clinic for work today and both are good to go!
  • I have my counseling appointment at 4pm tonite.
  • I have Karate at 7:30 I think. I haven’t heard back from the instructor so I’ll either go or go to the gym.

My main concern is getting back into a nice gym routine and lifting/cardio circuit. Without it I have been “holding steady” but I am ready to ramp things back up and see another significant drop.

Food log:

Slimfast Optima Drink, medium banana, large salad, coffee. 

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