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645am: Spin Class

Felt great! I missed it. Building my workout log for the week. Over the long break, which turned out to be 3 weeks for me, I didn’t gain any weight! I’m also tickled that I ran. Although that was a week ago, I know I can do it. I’m excited to be back “home” and able to get back into my routine(s).

Mon: Spin
Tues: Run + Lift
Weds: Spin
Thurs: Run + Lift
Fri: Spin

Sat: Spin

Sun: Rest


Today I ran.. Outside in the glorious morning sunshine. I probably looked like a cross between a handicapped person and someone who was having some type of mental breakdown.

45 minutes of walk, run, walk, run, walk, run, walk. It was hard, but easy at the same time. It hurt, but it felt good too. I never once used my inhaler and whereas previously I have been self-concious about being seen running in broad daylight (i.e. not under cover of darkness or on a treadmill), today: I just didn’t give a damn.

But today: I ran.

12noon: Spinning

 I’m in Hampton at my parent’s house so I headed over to a local gym and it was hilarious. The spin instructor wasn’t a day under 60 years old, and there were only 2 others in the class, neither of them a day under 55. But it was charming in a hackneyed sort of way. The music was 80’s pop (think Footloose and Flashdance) which I really liked and broke a nice sweat.

The spin bikes are kind of old though so I’m not as excited about going the rest of this week. Haven’t been out for a run yet, but got new underarmour socks and a Nike heart rate monitor to try out!

930am: Spinning

I am still in C’ville and have worked out 3 days in a row! Today’s spin class was taught by Mahogany, a rather flamboyant yet fabulously hard bodied multi-racial man who had us clapping, singing along and pushing ourselves to the limit! It was hella-fun.

My left quadracep is shredded though. I need to maybe lay off it, I need a massage.

I am soooo not eating clean…I need to get that under control. I also need to lift sometime soon before I lose all mah powwwah! lol.

930am: Spinning

 good workout! i’m proud that i worked out 2x despite being out of town.

treadmill: 22 mins

step mill: 20 mins

stationary bike: 5 mins

330pm: Spinning

Wow! Amy led 4 of us (incl herself) in an inpromptu spin session this afternoon. We were aiming for a long ride 60-90 mins, but we got kicked out of the spinning studio by the Women’s Crew team who had booked it. So we got about 50 good/hard minutes in.

My arms are shredded from yesterday! Light(er) weights/higher reps is nothing to play around with! 🙂 I can feel it from my biceps to my abs and it feels good. Mikisha said today that I look like I’ve lost some. I haven’t been on the scale in a couple of days and I doubt that I really have lost anything, but I feel good!

I really am enjoying spinning/biking and Amy said she’d take me/us (Corey-the other spin teacher) out in the spring to learn mountain biking (how to be safe/where to go, etc.).

I will keep up the active lifestyle through the break by eating pescatarian and hanging out with active folks and going to the gym in charlottesville and hampton.

I’m thinking about making a book of the articles and exercises that I am seeing in all the fitness magazines I have so far. That way I can have reference material at hand and start recycling the rest of the magazine.

My biceps feel awesome! They are powerful enough to make fresh squeezed orange juice! LOL. Actually I need to do some push ups and plan on walking to the gym tomorrow for Corey’s spin class. I’m also about to look up the Couch to 5k plan AGAIN! And I think my “cycle” is about to start so I am going to try to get some good exercise in the next few days. But right now I’m off to dinner and wine at the Jones’!


1015am: Treadmill 48 mins – 2.0-3.0% incline; 3.0-4.4 mph run/walk

1110am: Lift (Arms)

12am: new eliptical trainer machine (?) 5 mins

Today I did an alternate arm workout. I decided to do all exercises that I’ve never done before in my usual circuit/routine for the last couple of months. I figure all these magazines that I have been buying better pay of so I adopted some moves from this month’s Oxygen magazine.

Bench Press 65lbs x 12-15 reps x 3 sets

Chest Press 15lbs x 15 reps x 3 sets

Lat Raises (standing) 10lbs x 12-15 reps x 3 sets

Alt dumbell curls 10lbs x 12-15 reps x 3 sets

Hammer Curls (seated/incline) 10lbs x 15-18 reps x 3 sets

Tricep dumbell dip 10lbs x 15 reps x 3 sets

I’ll know tomorrow how well this worked. I did have to power through a couple of reps and by the 3rd set I just wanted to go home!

I had chicken, turkey and beef today so I didn’t adhere to pescatarian diet, but mainly b/c I don’t have any cash to go get fish, etc and I want to eat the stuff that I already have in the house. Funny that I still felt like I was breaking the rules.

I felt great after my workout and mentally I can tell the endorphins are worth the gym fee, the frustration and all the rest of it. I hope I can stay focused on being healthy versus being obsessed with dropping lbs. I didn’t get on the scale today and I feel like even if I never look any different (which I know won’t happen) this is worth it and I am worth it. I love how my body FEELS now compared to May when I got back from SAS.

Tomorrow if the snow holds off (lol) Amy is going to lead us in a 60-90 minute spin session. I checked my calendar and I’ve worked out 9 of the last 15 days! That is actually pretty damn good for as bad as I was feeling emotionally. Now I need to clean up my eating and stay focused through the holidays.

645am: Spinning

 GREAT workout this a.m. My favorite instructor taught again. It was hard core, balls to the walls! And the music was good!

Unfortunately last night was a diet disaster. So in 2 weeks I have had two “pizza hut” incidents and two “sub sandwhich” incidents. LOL. The good thing about last night though was that I couldn’t finish the sandwhich, fries, wings and I just didn’t FEEL good after I ate what I did.  I slept funky, was over full, woke up feeling heavy and felt it during my workout.

So…I’ve decided that to have a physique like Desiree Ficker I am willing to go without potatoes and meat. The two times I’ve lost weight in the past I was basically “pescaterian” wherein I ate fish and seafood but no other meat. I also ate dairy and eggs which I won’t give up. I’ve decided to have 6 days per year that I’ll indulge in beef/chicken/pork: My birthday; memorial day; 4th of July; labor day; thanksgiving and Christmas. This helps me control portions, avoid sub sandwhiches and the bread they come with (except subway’s seafood sub!).

I’ll continue to eat eggs, because I LOVE them and because they are awesome protein. I’ll keep you posted on how this journey goes. I believe I can live with this for life.

I am DONE with that. I just don’t like how I feel with the dirty “fuel” in my tank. Fortunately I did get to spin class today and will lift tonite and spin/lift Saturday and run on Sunday.

I’m also thinking about signing up for the Run for Kids 5k on May 12th. This might be a good target and the route is pretty easy and I can train on it since it is close (literally right out the front door of where I work).

Treadmill: 48 mins (2.43 miles)

Arm Workout:
Bench Press 75 lbs x 8-12 reps x 3 sets
Tri Pushdowns 60/70 lbs x 10-12 reps x 3 sets
Lat Pulldowns 70lbs x 10-12 reps x 3 sets
Dumbell Bicep Curls (seated) 15lbs x 10-12 x 3 sets
IOWAS x 10lb x 10-15 reps x 3 sets

It has been a rough few weeks with the diet and exercise plan/routine. I hit a plateau, started nibbling more and making poorer choices and was exercising less and this all combined to make for a mental and physical plateau. The results haven’t been matching the effort (or the results that I want to see at least, lol).

I found myself overeating and realized that I was soothing myself! It was weird to be aware of that during the behavior and to realize that it worked for me in the past, but that it isn’t a long-term crutch that I want to revert to anymore.

The good news is that I am AWARE of what is going on with me more than ever before and I also realize that I have still made it to the gym 2-3/wk even in the midst of all of this. I also think that there’s alot more going on than just the weight battle. The weather is dark and cold, cold, cold. I haven’t seen the sun since…? That is hard for me. Also, work is ??? Not bad, but the people are what I love. The nature of what I’m doing isn’t all that engaging/stimulating so I have to push myself to do the details.

I met with my counselor today and we talked through all of this and then some and I came out of there and went home, changed and hit the gym hard. I don’t know why, but I’m just not going to give up. Actually I DO know why. Because I know how I felt when I got back from SAS. I was tired, lethargic, low energy and probably malnourished. I’m healthier today than I was 6, 9, 12 months ago and I don’t want to trade that away. Plus, I know that the laws of nature apply to me and though I can’t see it now, eat less+move more=weight loss, for EVERYONE, including me.

I’m BACK!! (and eating a salad and some soup. lol!)

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