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Woke up feeling funky at about 3am. Probably due to the cognac and medium rare burger I had last night. I guess my days of liquor and beef are over! Rolled around in bed until 10am trying to decide how I felt and if I wanted to workout before Karate, if I wanted to go to karate, how many calories I set myself back last night, etc.

Eventually I pulled it together.

1045am: Karate (moderate difficulty/cardio)
1215am: Weightlifiting Circuit

Jump Rope: 4 sets of 50-60 rotations between weight training circuits 

Bench press: 3 sets at 20 lbs; 4th set at 30 lbs!!
21’s (Biceps): 3 sets at 30 lbs; 4th set at 40 lbs (tough!)
Closed Grip Bench Press: 3 sets at 30 lbs; 4th set at 40 lbs
Skull Crushers: 3 sets at 30 lbs; 4th set at 40 lbs
Triceps pulldown (rope) 4 sets at 40-60 lbs
Lat Pulldowns: 4 sets at 60 lbs!! I think this is a new high. I need to go back and look at workout logs.

Food Log
12noon: Slimfast Optima (drank on way to gym from Karate)
230pm: 2 string cheese + large slim jim jerky

530pm: Small Beef Stew

645pm: Sheppard’s Pie + Chic Pea Salad + Wine

900pm: small “no pudge” brownie

Karate was alot of fun again. Not as cardio intense today as it has been, more on techniques and stuff. I ran through the 15 basics over and over w/ Sensei Lucy and got a little bit of Bo training in at the end. I did have the energy to lift after karate but decided to hold cardio until Sunday or monday depending on how I feel tomorrow.

The scale is showing a little bit of a dip, but I haven’t broken into the 250’s yet which is my next milestone. at 250 lbs I’ll have lost 10% of my starting body weight. Yeah, no more cognac and burgers for me!


I couldn’t sleep last night and I was really surprised that I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I ate some light n’ fit yogurt and rode my motorcycle to the gym. I spent about 2 hours in the gym listening to my ipod to get pumped up to pump some iron. I did four sets of each:

Bench Press
Chest Press
Biceps Curl (Curved Bar)
Skull Crushers
Bench Press Close Grip
Shoulder Press
Leg Press (Closed)
Calf Raises
Leg Extensions
Leg Curls

I tried to make my last two sets heavy enough where I could only lift 8 reps.

Jump Rope: 224 rotations total

Stationary Bike: 15 minutes

I am also surprised that I wanted to do cardio after lifting for 1.5 hours. But I decided not to run, I hopped on the Stationary Bike but man, that thing is bo-ring. I need to find some cardio activities aside from running that I like.

I came home and made lunch. I had a small crab cake from last night, broccoli, brussel sprouts and I made a grilled tilapia filet! Yummy!

I feel like I want to get more cardio today. Maybe I’ll go play golf later on or walk on the track. Or maybe I’ll keep my butt parked on the couch!

I worked out today for the first time since last Tuesday. Damn. I had a whirlwind week of travel and though some people maintain their diet and exercise plans on the road, I have yet to figure that combination out.

I hit the gym about 6pm which is rare as I like to go early a.m. but I didn’t sleep well because I had so much pent up energy. So I told myself to just GO and lift. But I ended up lifting AND did about 30 mins of cardio.

Upper body circuit (incl. bench pressing bar +15!)
2 rotations of Jumping Rope
Treadmill: 27 mins
Bike: 3 mins

On the treadmill I have been doing 2.7-3.5 mph at 3%-7% incline. Granted I can only “run” for about a minute at a time, but when I reduced the incline to 0%, I was chugging along nicely! Cool! Granted I could only run for about 2 minutes! LOL.

I decided not to push myself too hard after being out for a week and because I want to exercise tomorrow morning since I have plans tomorrow night. I’m also hoping to get some golf in this weekend.

I also ran into a legendary local personal trainer, Wayne B and got his info so I’m going to check into his rates.

I feel more energetic the last few days, I have a plan and I’m going to work it until I can’t work it anymore! Now I need to tighten up on my eating habits again and ditch the sausage in the mornings and ditch the “white” bread/flour/carbs.

Tonite I’m having two chicken sausages, salad and green beans, no potato for moi!

Finally…got approval to build the treadputer!

I love this pic! I want guns (and abs) like that!Today was damn near perfect as far as I’m concerned. The weather was great, no work for two more days and I got to ride my motorcycle and hit the gym.I was actually excited all day about getting to the gym (wtf?) although I haven’t been since mid-week. But I felt strong and wanted to get some cardio in. Part of it is “feeling” lighter and via the scale I’m anywhere from 4-6 lbs down so somewhere in the 274 range (still, sort of). But my goal for september is to crack into the 260’s.

I’ve been eating better, but not BEST. I am making better choices but every day I may sneak a little extra snack or add a little more to my plate in the name of “I’m getting more exercise so I’m more hungry so it’s okay” when really, no its not. Fortunately it hasn’t been too bad, but I could be seeing more weight drop with cleaner eating habits. The trouble is…I’m hitting the road alot in September so I’ve really got to stay on top of things so I can meet my goal. My pants felt looser and one of my housemates said it looked like I’d dropped some weight.

My iPod playlist for the gym tonite was AMAZING. The right music can soooo make a difference, no? Mostly Outkast and specifically the song Morris Brown which has a great beat and is a long one.

Treadmill: 47:30 and most of that was jogging at 3.3 or 3.5 and if/when i was walking it was at 2 or 3 % incline! I was sweating like I had broken out of jail! I circuit trained until they kicked us out of the gym.

Circuit 1:

Lat pulldowns wide grip: 40 lbs x 20 reps
Reverse grip pulldowns: 40 lbs x 20 reps
Bench Press : Bar x 20 reps
Skull Crushers : 30 lb bar x 15 reps
Jump Rope : 24 seconds/40 rotations

Circuit 2:

Lat pulldowns wide grip: 50 lbs x 15 reps
Reverse grip pulldowns: 50 lbs x 15 reps
Bench Press : Bar +5lbs x 17 reps
Skull Crushers : 30 lb bar x 12 reps
Jump Rope : 24 seconds/45 rotations

Circuit 3:

Lat pulldowns wide grip: 40 lbs x 20 reps
Reverse grip pulldowns: 40 lbs x 20 reps
Bench Press : Bar + 10 lbs x 12 reps
Skull Crushers : 30 lb bar x 12 reps
Rope–Did 4 reps until hit 113 rotations to finish off

1. My knee is not in good shape. I have to have the brace on just right and run in a certain gait to avoid shooting pain.

2. Bar +10lbs on the Bench Press!!!!

3. Skull Crushers (triceps)..that extra 10lbs makes my triceps SCREAM!

I’m psyched to hit the gym tomorrow before we head down to Boston for the day. Wish me luck!

1pm Banana
3pm Roasted Veggie Quiche + 1.25 Sausage Links
3:30pm Small bite of Steak to test “done-ness”
4pm grapes
8pm Eggplant Parm + Salad (should’ve had less EPP, but hey)
830pm 1 glass red wine
9pm Movie theatre popcorn and water

ETA: 30 min roundtrip walk to/from movie theatre!

*I also need to design a circuit for my legs/abs as well. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Here’s some good info for beginner weightlifters or those who want to incorporate weights into your routine from I also like doing my “circuits” fairly fast as you can get some cardio benefits from doing your sets pretty fast. I try to do my reps pretty slow to maximize the full benefit of the exercise.

Below is a list of muscle groups along with sample exercises. If you’re a beginner, you only need to choose 1-2 exercises for each muscle group in the upper body and 3-4 moves for the lower body.

  • Chest: bench press, chest press machine, pushups, pec deck machine
  • Back: seated row machine, back extensions, lat pulldowns
  • Shoulders: overhead press, lateral raise, front raise
  • Biceps: bicep curls, hammer curls, concentration curls
  • Triceps: tricep extensions, dips, kickbacks
  • Lower Body: Squats, lunges, leg press machines, deadlifts, calf raises
  • Abdominals: crunches, reverse crunches, oblique twists, pelvic tilts

Choosing Your Sets, Reps and Weight
Choosing your reps, sets and weight
can be the most confusing part of strength training. How many reps and sets you do will depend on your goals.

  • To lose body fat, build muscle: Use enough weight that you can ONLY complete 10-12 repetitions and 1-3 sets (1 for beginners, 2-3 for intermediate and advanced exercisers). Rest about 30 seconds-1 minute between sets and at least one day between workout sessions
  • For muscle gain: Use enough weight that you can ONLY complete 4-8 repetitions and 3 or more sets, resting for 1-2 minutes between sets and 2-3 days between sessions. For beginners, give yourself several weeks of conditioning before you tackle weight training with this degree of difficulty. You may need a spotter for many exercises.
  • For health and muscular endurance: Use enough weight that you can ONLY complete 12-16 repetitions, 1-3 sets, resting 20-30 seconds between sets and at least one day between workout sessions.

To determine how much weight you should use, start with a light weight and perform one set. Continue adding weight until you can ONLY do the desired number of repetitions. The last rep should be difficult, but not impossible and you should be able to keep good form. See Weight Training 101 for more info.

I like calf-raises, leg presses and the other leg machines well enough, I just don’t like working legs as much as I like working arms. I have to get some core/ab exercises too. I am also inspired to find some stairs nearby that I can “run”, I remember that running this one set of stairs (93 steps) was a huge part of my running success 4 years ago. Must keep my eyes open!

I really, really didn’t want to go to the gym this morning. I finally made it by 730am only to discover that I had left my iPod headphones at the house. Now I don’t know about yall, but I can barely make it through 5 minutes of “gym” type exercise w/o my music, its just so dang boring. But I hope it says something about my commitment level that I did:

Treadmill: 10 mins (2% incline 3.3/walking)

Recumbent Bike: 10 mins

Elliptical Trainer: 10 mins

At 8 am, I had a packet of oatmeal w/ no butter, added splenda and that is it. This is far better than my two packs, plus lots o’ butter that I was having before.  At 10am I had two hard boiled eggs and two small sausage links.  I have a lunch meeting and yesterday I managed to eat a salad so today I’m not worried that I won’t be able to make a healthy choice.

I also brought some mini-bags of popcorn, some oatmeal packets to work for my “snack attack” drawer. I also brought some “bird food” to snack on today if necessary (yogurt and granola). I can’t believe this is me eating this stuff!

I think I am going to request my office be re-arranged to make way for the treadputer, and I’m thinking that I may split my workouts on the days I can and do cardio in the a.m. and weights in the p.m. I like lifting and it doesn’t really feel like exercise so I think I’d be more liable to go do that in the evenings. I know me well enough to know I’m not going to go do cardio after work 🙂

I also started my cycle today-ladies you know what I mean! And I’m excited b/c I tend to burn alot of calories when I workout during this time of the month.

Finally, I have two shirts that I LOVED when I was smaller (french cuffs!) that I can no longer fit. I have put them on hangers in my closet and try them on occassionally. I’m hoping this will be good motivation and not make me feel worse?


Went to the gym again this evening around 830pm.

circuit training

lat pulldowns wide grip 2×20 reps, 2×15 reps

lat pulldowns reverse grip 2×20 reps, 2×15 reps

benchpress 2 x bar x 20 reps, 2 x bar x 15 reps

skull crushers 2 x 12 lb bar x 20 reps, 2 x 20 lb bar x 2o reps

also did 7 rounds of jumping rope for 20-30 seconds with 90 seconds rest in between.

there were like 4 people in the gym so it was fun to do the circuit and this time I remembered my headphones.

I did eat well today. I ordered a cobb salad at lunch, ate 30% of it, finished it at like 4:30pm.  had a mini bag of popcorn at like 2pm.  cooked up a storm but no appetite for dinner with the heat.

Got home from the gym and got it in my head that i was going to run around the block. this turned out to be a bad idea for so many reasons 🙂  1. wrong bra 2. no knee brace 3. wearing dark clothes 4. started up an incline. so…i pretty much dragged my butt home. tomorrow is another day.

I dragged (and I’m not exaggerating much here), myself to the gym tonite at 8:30pm. I don’t think I’ve been to the gym that late since I was in college. And I MADE myself go on the principle (that I read somewhere) that you shouldn’t go more than two days in a row without working out. I can’t tell you (but you probably know) how much I just wanted to climb in my bed.

My workout was sluggish, but I’m still proud that I went. I felt every single one of the pounds I’m carrying around tonite. It was hard, but I made myself NOT do any weights.

Treadmill 32 mins 1.7 miles w/ incline up to 3
Upright Stationary Bike: 12 mins
Jump Rope (3 reps of 20 sec jump/40 sec rest)

As for the stationary bike, I really want to love this, but it is BO.RING. But I’m going to change my attitude by force and I’m going to LOVE the BIKE (mind over matter….). I want as many ways to cross-train as possible.

On the treadmill my knee hurt, I felt slow, sluggish and had no “power” but I MADE myself do 32 mins, after the first 12 I was ready to go home.

Jump Rope: Wow. Nothing says Lard Butt like only being able to jump for 20 seconds! But I love the techno goodness of my Tanita jump rope which counts calories (based on weight) and rotations. So all I have to do is watch the second hand on the wall clock.

I am very proud of myself for going.

Today was weird, I had a lot going on but I think I made decent choices given the circumstances.

9:30 am small Light’n’Fit yogurt w/ cereal
10:45am McDonald’s Fruit n Yogurt Parfait (this was hard b/c my bro had a steak bagel!)
12:30: 2 Newman’s Own Organic Fig cookies (yummy)

1pm: Chicken salad sandwhich on some type of grain bread w/ potato salad (mayo in both prolly bad but…)
7pm: slimfast shake (in car..i carry these in my car to keep me from stopping at fast food places)
8pm: 3 oz lamb w/ low fat tsaiki sauce (no pita!)
10pm: 4 oz lamb w/ low fat tasaiki sauce (no pita!)

Trying to drink up the H2O. That could be part of the prob.
Hope yall are doing well on your plans/programs.

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