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Originally uploaded by ciclismoindoor. *not my spin class!

8am: Spin Class
915am: Weights (Arms)

Went to spin class this a.m. at my main gym which is not where I take my MWF spin class. One of my colleagues who teaches spin wanted to check out the class and get some new tips. After a late night I didn’t think I’d make it but it was FUN!

The instructor was a tiny dynamo and very high energy w/o being annoying. I was worried when she said the music set was “Classic Rock” but the music was AMAZING! I loved it!

After the 60 minute class (which is 10 mins longer than my MWF class) Amy and I did a quick set of arms, and I got a new form called “Iowas” that nearly made my arms fall off!

Bench 2 sets at 65lbs; 1 set at 75 lbs
Lat pulldowns 3 sets at 60 lbs
Biceps Curls 2 sets at 30 lbs; 1 set at 40 lbs
Skull Crushers 2 sets at 30 lbs; 1 set at 40 lbs
Close Grip Bench Press 2 sets at 30lbs; 1 set at 40 lbs
“Iowas” 3 sets w/ 10 lbs weight plate

I skipped Karate and took a nap! Plus now my left hip is killing me and it is cold season so everyone is fighting off something!

I had a slimfast shake to get through the lifting at 9:15am and then hibachi chicken and rice at 5pm w/ some tortilla chips thrown in for good measure.

Sunday I want to spin again, but I should probably run and do abs. We shall see!


wow. what a week. between a huge work event/conference i am responsible for that ran all weekend and the shoulder/muscle injury (about 80% better). I haven’t been in the gym in a week! i miss it. plus, plus i have had cake, and wine, and oh my goodness..breaded chicken!¬† I have to travel weds-fri of this week so i’m not even going to set myself up for failure. but i’m looking forward to saturday and karate and lifting and my piano lesson. then a possible trip down to NY. i will get my eating under control and hit it full steam ahead.

 good news?

weight watchers weigh-in read 262.8 so I’m at my pre-sem. @ sea weight and down a total of about 16lbs in 3-4 months of trying changing my lifestyle and eating habits. I’m proud, but it is only the beginning. I have 100 lbs left to go. I know I can do it! My next milestone will be 250 lbs which will mark 10% of my total weight lost! So..12 lbs by Christmas? I think I can do it!

I feel better emotionally (actually by the end of the day I was feeling better), but I don’t know what happened to my neck, I have a serious knot/strain or something that is killing me! So no karate Tuesday, no Spinning today. Boo! I’m going to nurse it some more tonite in the hopes that by Friday it will be okay.

This is a HUGE week/weekend for me in terms of work so I’m going to have to reconcile the fact that between that and my neck, I may not get a good workout in until Monday. This means I need to really watch what I eat this week/weekend to keep the scale from creeping up while I am on hiatus from my workouts.

10am: 2 boiled eggs and sausage

11am: large coffee

1:30pm: Baja Chicken soup (cream based!) + fresca

5:oopm: small reese’s halloween cup

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