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I love saturday mornings, don’t you?  I got up and hit the gym by 8:45am, anticipating not wanting to do any cardio and setting a goal of 30 minutes. I got into it and made myself go for 3 miles and ignore the time.  I did 3%-7% incline for the first 40 minutes doing walk-jog and then 0%-3% for the last 20:30 with more jogging than walking. It took over 60 minutes, but it felt great to accomplish this. I like doing the hard incline because when I reduce the incline it feels sooooo easy! I think I’m going to train on the treadmill all winter and then hit the road in the spring.

I’m headed out to play golf with one of my housemates, so we’ll probably walk 9 holes. I’m seriously considering going BACK to the gym to lift this afternoon. I have a meet-up with a friend that isn’t until 8:30pm, but we’ll see how I feel.

I put my stars on the calendar for working out, but I think my housemates are over it. Fortunately, I still am motivated by it. So I’ll keep it up until it runs its course, but I like the “star system.”

I’m also still thinking about giving up red meat and pork, but we shall see. I had some Nachos last night that were good enough to make you smack your mama! 

Weekend Goals:

Sat: AM Run + Golf

Sun: AM Run + Lift+ Golf

Mon: AM Run

I am also still interested in a local 5 mile hike that might be a nice trail run come spring, and the local Karate class. There’s a beginner’s yoga class on Wednesday afternoons and a Kickboxing class on Wednesday mornings. 

I e-mailed the personal trainer but the e-mail bounced back so I’ll try to give him a call next week. I am back up in the 270’s due to my martini and hamburger + no exercise boondoggle last week, but I’m confident I’ll crack the 260’s by October 1. I have one more work trip coming up Sept 27-30th that I need to watch my eating behaviors on, then things should slow down.

I really enjoyed last month’s Runner’s World Magazine.


I got up and took the dog for a long walk into town so I could hit the Dunkin’ Donuts. Don’t worry, all I got was coffee, a huge one, but I needed it! We walked slow, but it was a nice morning to meander. And coffee seems to cut/curb my appetite a bit. I know the cream in it is horrible, but step at a time.

Food Log 10am Huge Coffee
1pm Veggie Quiche & Salad (trying to drink lots o’ water before the gym)

630pm Big portion of eggplant parmesean & quiche. I prolly ate too much of it, but I was STARVING after all that activity today.

Workout Log

Walk: 30 mins w/ Dog
Treadmill: 32 mins. 2%-3% incline walk at 2.7/2.8 (10 mins). Jog 3.3/3.5 (22 mins).

ETA: Just back from walking 9 holes of golf w/ Josh. 5000+ steps per the pedometer, worked up a sweat. My feet HURT now. I think I’m done for the day, but it was a good one! I’m glad I pushed myself and have others who can inspire and help me to be active. It seems like if you ride the cart and play 18 holes you get 5000+ steps too. So walking 9 or carting 18 may burn about the same calories (??) I don’t know walking some of those hills on the front 9 was HELL!

ETA later: I’m sore as hell! I’m going to take some aspirin and get in the bed! I would love to get up and try to run outside tomorrow, but er, uh, we’ll see.

wow. it has been hot here and i haven’t been sleeping well. so i didn’t get up and hit the gym like i thought i would yesterday plus, i went twice tuesday so who am i kidding! lol. i did however go to the driving range for an hour with J and hit golf balls, walked the dog for 20 mins last night so…i am more active.

i ate pretty healthy yesterday. probably should’ve had more fruits/veggies, but didn’t eat all of my steak at dinner and had a salad with it but no carbs/potatoes so that is great. except i woke up this morning hella hungry. i didn’t sleep well AT ALL last night either so…no gym this a.m. and i had an 8am breakfast meeting (what crack was i smoking?). But at brekky i was very proud of myself. instead of my usual (old self) 3 egg omlete + bacon + hashbrowns + toast, I had…oatmeal….again. But it was the REAL DEAL. brown sugar and splenda. No raisins, no sugar, no milk. I did have two pieces of link sausage, but I didn’t feel “full” at all (good).

i have no idea when i’m going to get to the gym today. i have a social outing tonite at 6:30 so maybe i’ll cut out early and go after that?? hahahahahahaha…yeah, i’m laughing too. but i WILL get my silver star for eating healthy today. The star system is really working for me.

i think i’ve also decided to stay in town for the labor day holiday. i would love to golf w/ Dana and see all my buddies, but the healthiest thing is for me to stay with this routine, and all signs point to me needing routine to stay on track.  I have a TON of travel in September which has proven an achilles’ heel in the past. But I will NEVER give up! EVER. So I will continue to use my star system even when I go on the road and fortunately I don’t have much (if any) travel in Oct.

I am waiting on final approval for my Treadputer project. 

I slept great friday night! What a difference that makes. I got up and took the dog for a 20 minute walk and tried to kick up the pace a little bit and tackled a little bit of an incline. Then I ran around with D & J to the golf & ski store. 

I was starting to want to just chill, but I went to the gym and did the treadmill for 22 mins (18 mins “jogging” at 3.35 mph) slow as hell, but it felt great. then I did an arms circuit which I mixed up a bit. I didn’t get too crazy at the gym because I went and played 10 holes of golf w/ J later on. It was 90 degrees w/ 78% humidity, so it was less pleasant than usual, but still fun.

I am trying to eat healthier and its not easy, but the star system we are using is kind of a great motivator for me. I like thinking about “did i earn my star” or “if i eat this will i still earn my star?”

ate oatmeal for breakfast

meatloaf pre golf

chicken sausage w/ onions and salad w/ oil and vinegar post golf.

Treadmill: 22 mins

lat pulldowns wide grip 20 reps x 3 sets

lat pulldowns reverse grip 20 reps x 3 sets

bench press 15 reps x 3 sets 

Played 18 holes on Sunday & Tuesday.

Monday went to the gym w/ Brian and D.

40 mins treadmill, 25 min elliptical.

Haven’t been eating clean and have been drinking socially. Still doing better w/ portions and knowing when I’m full, but need to make smarter food choices. Feel like OBSOML fell in priority this last week. I’m also about to hit the road so I’m anxious about how well I’ll do. But I won’t give up.

Friday morning I jumped up at 7:30 to get the day started and clipped on my new pedometer. Because work hasn’t kicked in yet, I don’t have to be up at a certain time but it was nice to get moving.

I hit the gym at 9:30am but couldn’t settle into a rythm. 1) I got the 1 treadmill I DON’T like then 2) My knee was aching like all hell on every footfall (left knee) and I realized I needed to go get my knee brace and 3) I had to tinkle! All in all I DID get 32 mins in on the treadmill and used the incline to get some sweat rolling.

I didn’t work out hard intentionally. 1) because the 6 mile hike from the previous day and 2) I was slated to play 18 holes with my friend Dana.

It was funny b/c this was the first day in a long time where I actually had things to do and a schedule to keep and I had to cut my gym time short (no lifting) which was good (so I wouldn’t be too tired to play 18 holes). But it did make me aware that I will BATTLE when my work schedule kicks into gear, but I will make my fitness priority #1! I promise!

We played 18 holes up at Swananoa off the Blue Ridge Parkway and it was BEAUTIFUL up there. Easily 10 degrees cooler than down the mountain. Even with the cart we got a workout. I logged something like 5000 steps for the 18 holes. And that doesn’t count the job that actually swinging and all that does to burn some calories.

All in all I logged 13,330 steps. 1) new pedometer is FAR more accurate and 2) I realized that to log 10k steps in a day you really ARE on your feet all DAMN day. So how do you have a desk job, much less a pretty intense, demanding one that requires 8-14 hour days and stay fit? I’m not sure, but I have some ideas!

I ate okay early in the day, I wasn’t hungry due to the big meal night before, had a decent lunch (grilled chicken, multigrain tortilla chips) and a hot dog and 2 beers during 4 hours of golf. Dinner…I slipped up and had 2.5 pieces of pizza, the big ones, but we were HUNGRY and it was good. I did stop when I wasn’t hungry anymore. I’m learning.

I can’t wait to try out my jumprope and my weightlifting gloves!

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