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Starting over. Again. But that is okay. Starting weight 283.5 lbs.

I will never give up.

Monday: Drink 20 oz H20; rest, mani/pedi, join and check out gym schedules.

Tuesday: 550am spin class + 30 oz H2O

Wednesday: 30 minutes walk  + 30 oz H2O

Thursday: 550am spin class+ 30 oz H2O

Friday: 30 mins walk + 30 oz H2O

Saturday: 8am spin class or 30 mins walk + lift + 30 oz H2O

Sunday: 9am spin class or 30 mins walk + lift + 30 oz H2O


645am: Spin Class

Felt great! I missed it. Building my workout log for the week. Over the long break, which turned out to be 3 weeks for me, I didn’t gain any weight! I’m also tickled that I ran. Although that was a week ago, I know I can do it. I’m excited to be back “home” and able to get back into my routine(s).

Mon: Spin
Tues: Run + Lift
Weds: Spin
Thurs: Run + Lift
Fri: Spin

Sat: Spin

Sun: Rest

645am: Spinning

 GREAT workout this a.m. My favorite instructor taught again. It was hard core, balls to the walls! And the music was good!

Unfortunately last night was a diet disaster. So in 2 weeks I have had two “pizza hut” incidents and two “sub sandwhich” incidents. LOL. The good thing about last night though was that I couldn’t finish the sandwhich, fries, wings and I just didn’t FEEL good after I ate what I did.  I slept funky, was over full, woke up feeling heavy and felt it during my workout.

So…I’ve decided that to have a physique like Desiree Ficker I am willing to go without potatoes and meat. The two times I’ve lost weight in the past I was basically “pescaterian” wherein I ate fish and seafood but no other meat. I also ate dairy and eggs which I won’t give up. I’ve decided to have 6 days per year that I’ll indulge in beef/chicken/pork: My birthday; memorial day; 4th of July; labor day; thanksgiving and Christmas. This helps me control portions, avoid sub sandwhiches and the bread they come with (except subway’s seafood sub!).

I’ll continue to eat eggs, because I LOVE them and because they are awesome protein. I’ll keep you posted on how this journey goes. I believe I can live with this for life.

I am DONE with that. I just don’t like how I feel with the dirty “fuel” in my tank. Fortunately I did get to spin class today and will lift tonite and spin/lift Saturday and run on Sunday.

I’m also thinking about signing up for the Run for Kids 5k on May 12th. This might be a good target and the route is pretty easy and I can train on it since it is close (literally right out the front door of where I work).

I stole this from lord knows where…but I love these little “reminders”; whether you agree or not, it is always good to have something “jog” your desire to improve yourself!

12 Ways to Change Your LIFE

6 hours ago ago by np.

12 ways to change your life Make bold changes!
You may feel at times that you are stuck in a rut, doing the same things week after week, or maybe even doing next to nothing at all. This may make you feel that it’s time to make a fresh start or consider changing certain things – so that you can begin to get the most out of life! The following guide gives you 25 top tips to change your life for the better – so get reading and plan some changes!

Travel the world
If it’s possible, then you should make sure you fit some travelling in. Okay, so you might not have the time or the funds to go on a round-the-world trip, but it certainly is a truism that ‘travel broadens the mind’. If you can’t manage that backpacking trip around the globe, then consider going to some far flung location where the experience will be totally different – perhaps even life-changing – rather than settling for the usual two weeks in the Costa-del-wherever.
Change job
If your job is getting you down, then change it. The only thing preventing you finding something that you’ll enjoy more is you. If only people could put as much energy into finding a new job as they do into moaning about it, then they could make a major change to their lives. Your workplace is where you spend a large proportion of your time, so it’s important to try and be as happy there as you can be.

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9am: Spin Class

Went to RVC (my main gym) for the second spin class in a row! The music and instructor weren’t as good today, but it was still a good sweat-breaker! I got KJones to go with me today so I’m 2-2 in recruiting people to feel my pain!

The lbs still aren’t coming off, but I have to keep putting one foot in front of the other! I want to up my cardio and weights so I either have to add them into an already busy week or let karate slide which I’m not quite ready to do.

I am eating better, but still not as clean as I’d like. Last monday I did great, but steadily declined over the course of the week. I never went “all out” and haven’t gone “all out” in quite some time, but need to make better choices. Avoiding flour, potatoes, and sugar.

I really want to get down to a size 8-12; and be defined. I think genetically I bulk up/tone up pretty fast so once I melt the fat off I should be able to get some nice definition. The lbs are not dropping the way I want them too, but I’m going to assume I’m in some spiritual test wherein I need to know that I’m not giving up even if the scale doesn’t drop because I FEEL 100% better than I did when I got back from Semester at Sea. Also, I know I can do this. I WANT to do this. I’m really looking forward to getting new clothes, a haircut and all that good stuff and, lots and lots more sex! lol.

My Goals for This Week:

Sunday: Spin (done)

Monday: Spin + Lift+ Run

Tuesday: Karate

Wednesday: Spin

Thursday: Karate + Lift

Friday: Spin + Karate

Saturday: Spin or Karate or Cardio; Lift if necessary

I am really proud of the way I worked out, stuck to the plan and ate pretty clean today.

Workout Log:

645am: Spinning
630pm: Karate

I love this pic (no, it isn’t me..yet!). Today was a GREAT day. Not that anything has changed good, bad or otherwise, but my attitude just seems to have adjusted back to positive after a couple of “blah” weeks.

I hit spin class today and it was a good workout. I now have to factor in de-icing my windows into my time frame for the 645am class, but today wasn’t too bad. The music was “off” again for me, lots of 80’s and 90’s rock type stuff, better than last time, but not inspirational. I guess you can’t have it all!

I felt invogorated after spin class but also sore from Sunday’s heavy lifting session. I can feel my biceps and triceps for sure. They’re buried under flab, but they are in there!

I had to force myself to go to karate. It is no longer “novel” its now “work” and I found my attention wandering the last two weeks also hard to motivate myself when “blah” but my goal is to make it through Christmas and if I don’t like it, then I’ll move on to something else or just fill in with spin/run/lift. Tonight was hard, the crunches, the calisthenics, the kata…but I still felt like I had pushed myself and learned something after class. That is what I have to remember on those days that I want it to be easy. I learned the first Konshin Kata and have 3 more to go. The good news is that the footwork for the next three are the same, it is the blocks/punches that change. I have a private lesson with one of my favorite Senpei on Friday night to go over the other piece that I’ve been working on.

I’m trying to decide if I want to do spin on Tuesday or Treadmill train. I need to be careful that I don’t overdo it and injur myself and end up back on the bench. I also need to work on doing more weight training on my lower body.

My goals for this week:

Sunday: cardio (done!) + lift (done!)

Monday: Spin (done!) + karate (done!)

Tuesday: Karate + Cardio

Weds: Spin + Lift

Thurs: Karate

Friday: Spin + Karate (private tutoring)

Saturday: Spin or Karate + Lift or Cardio

Food Log:

8am: Large Coffee w/ Skim
930 am: Large Coffee w/ Skim
10am: Fruit w/ little cottage Cheese
11am: Slimfast Shake
1240: Salad w/ Tuna + grilled chicken (one onion ring!)
2pm: 1 choc chip cookie (this was hard!)
545pm: turkey + broccoli (light, pre-karate)
845pm: small piece of steak + broccoli (not much)

lol. I don’t think I’ve not worked out this long in a while, which in itself is a bit of a milestone. Last week was just kind of “blah” all around. I did enjoy turkey day with the family, but two days of traveling (weds/sat) left two days of sitting around–for some reason totally unmotivated–and chowing down.  The good news is that I never sat down and just went crazy. I did eat a lot, but I grazed all day. The biggest things were stuffing and sweets which I rarely have in my normal day to day.

I hit the gym today after getting back to NH at 10pm last night. I tried something different with the cardio circuit that I read in Muscle & Fitness HERS. Basically I took two exercises and did them back to back then did another 2, etc. I did 3 groups of exercises and 7 different forms altogether. This was tough and harder to push through than my circuit. Plus I added a couple of forms that I haven’t been doing. I can tell I’ve lost some stregnth ground, but I’m psyched up to get it back and keep moving. I’m still stronger than I was last month or 90 days ago. I have to remember to give myself my “star” lol.

The scale at home is holding in the 259/260 range, I’m hoping that I’ve been burning calories more efficiently due to my weightloss and muscles and that its not muscle atrophy + fat gain!

Workout Log: [I am liking the cardio split still, keeps my workout ADD in check!]

Treadmill: 32 mins 1.53 miles (3.0-3.4 at 3.0 incline)


Bench Press 30lbs x 8 reps x 3 sets; 25lbs x 8 reps x 1 set

Bicep Curls (standing) 30lbs x 12 reps x 1 set; 40lbs x 8 reps x 2 sets, 30 lbs x 8 r x 1 set

Cable Pressdown 60lbs x 15 x 1 rep; 70 lbs x 10 reps x 2 sets; 70 lbs x 12 reps x 1 set

Skull Crushers 30 lbs x 12 x 1 set; 30lbs x 8 reps x x 3 sets

Close Grip Bench Press 30 lbs x 12 x 1 set; 30lbs x 8 reps x 3 sets

Dumbell Flye 12 lbs x 10 r x 2 sets;  8 lbs x 15 r x 1 set; 10 lbs x 10 r x 1 set

Lat Dumbell Raises 8 lbs x 10 r x 3 sets; 10 lbs x 10 r x 1 set

Treadmill: 22 mins: 1 mile

Food Log:

I didn’t eat pre-workout (not hungry) but at 11:15, about 3/4 of the way through my lifting I was running out of steam: Slimfast

1:30pm: small piece chilean sea bass + small serving of green beans + small scrambled eggs and 2 small pcs bacon (sounds like alot, but it all fit on one of those salad/dessert plates).

4:45pm: apple sauce cup + Dole fruit cocktail cup

6:50pm: mini bag of 94% fat free popcorn

I was feeling a bit “off” emotionally, but I couldn’t put my finger on why. I wasn’t in the mood to hang out or talk to anyone so I just chilled out. I think I’m starting to wonder what I will do next. Will this contract last until May? Will I travel after that or stick around? Do I even want to travel long term again right away?

I think it is time for me to set some more concrete goals, as well as apply everything I’ve learned the last couple of years (or in a lifetime) to all the areas of my life but not sacrifice my number one goal of my physical health. I also came to a huge realization about how I approach tough situations and things that take a long time to manifest (i.e. weight loss) and I know I have to stick it out and try to make it as much fun as possible and make it a lifestyle change. I haven’t been 100% into karate in a few weeks and part of me is like “its taking away time from running/lifting” and part of me is like “uh, you haven’t been running/lifting more when you’re not at karate so….” My goal this week is to give karate my 100% attention while I’m there and just enjoy it. It isn’t a competition, I’m getting in shape, fellowshiping w/ cool people and getting more fit in general since it uses much different muscles and movements.

My goals for this week:

Sunday: cardio + lift (done!)

Monday: Spin + karate

Tuesday: Karate + Cardio

Weds: Spin + Lift

Thurs: Karate

Friday: Spin + Karate (private tutoring)

Saturday: Spin or Karate + Lift or Cardio

Whew. Damn I needed a good workout. I was not surprised that my lifting strength has decreased a little since it has been about 2 weeks; but I was surprised that my cardiovascular fitness is pretty good! Must be the spinning and karate! I hopped on the treadmill expecting to be huffing and puffing but jogged 16 out of 20 minutes at 3.0-3.3 pace at 2.0 incline. It felt great. My mood is definitely improved.

Stepmill: 30 minutes

Weight lifting:

Bench Press 20 lbs x 4  sets; 30 lbs x 1 set

Tri pulldown 40 lbs x 1 set; 50 lbs x 3 sets

Biceps curl: 30 lbs x 1 set; 40 lbs x 3 sets

Skull Crushers 30 lbs x 1 set; 40 lbs x 3 sets

Closed Grip Bench Press 30 lbs x 1 set; 40 lbsx x 3 sets

Lat Pulldown 50 lbs x 1 set; 60 lbs x 3 sets

Treadmill: 20 mins (nice jog at 3.0 w/ 2.0 incline)

Food Log:

10am: 1/2 Light & Fit Smoothie (70 calories)

1pm: Weight Control Oatmeal + 2 veggie sausage patties

145pm: 4 tortilla chips w/ salsa + 1 string cheese


Goals for the Week (this will be interesting since its Thanksgiving week and I’ll be traveling!)

Sunday: Spin + Lift (legs)

Mon: Spin + Karate

Tues: Spin + Run

Weds: Spin or Run + Lift

Thurs: walk

Fri: walk

Damn it felt good to work up a sweat today. I have truly missed working out. Wow. I guess I really am changing and becoming an athlete again. It’s like I’m craving being in shape now!

Step Mill Machine: 40 mins
Karate Class: 60 mins

I was feeling run down most of the week, but I decided to push myself this morning. My neck still hurts too, but I just can’t take being out of the gym and not being active anymore. The step mill felt great and karate was a lot of fun.

I also realized that my main gym has spinning classes 7 days a week! The class I’m taking now is at Dartmouth undergrad M, W, F and I’d love to do some spinning on the weekends! Yay!

I gave myself 2 stars today and I’m planning to hit the spin class and lift tomorrow.

Food log:

10am: Slimfast shake
1230pm: Bowl of Weight Watchers Oatmeal

I read an article yesterday that also confirmed what I was feeling, gotta cut those sodas out. I haven’t had much in the last few months but the last week I’ve been sucking them down. Even the diet ones aren’t good for you! Back to the H2O!

My Goals for this week:

Sun: Spin + Lift

Mon: Spinning + Karate

Tues: Spin + Karate

Weds: Spinning + Lift

Thurs: Spin + Karate

Fri: Spinning

Sat: Spin + Lift

Sun: Spin

wow. what a week. between a huge work event/conference i am responsible for that ran all weekend and the shoulder/muscle injury (about 80% better). I haven’t been in the gym in a week! i miss it. plus, plus i have had cake, and wine, and oh my goodness..breaded chicken!  I have to travel weds-fri of this week so i’m not even going to set myself up for failure. but i’m looking forward to saturday and karate and lifting and my piano lesson. then a possible trip down to NY. i will get my eating under control and hit it full steam ahead.

 good news?

weight watchers weigh-in read 262.8 so I’m at my pre-sem. @ sea weight and down a total of about 16lbs in 3-4 months of trying changing my lifestyle and eating habits. I’m proud, but it is only the beginning. I have 100 lbs left to go. I know I can do it! My next milestone will be 250 lbs which will mark 10% of my total weight lost! So..12 lbs by Christmas? I think I can do it!

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