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645am: Spinning

AWESOME class today! Amy taught again and we were dripping in sweat but had a great time.

I didn’t use my gel seat today! Yay! I’m a real spinner.
I also tried out some spin shoes that were in the studio and I kind of liked them, but kind of didn’t…so the jury is out on that!

My next issue is how to keep plugging away and stay working out 4x-6x per week and eating pretty clean over the holidays. I want to surround myself with active/healthy people and friends.

930am: eggs + bacon + coffee

12noon: banana + miso soup + tuna salad sandwich + chips


so, uhm, I didn’t work out yesterday. I was still fighting off something and decided to go to the gospel concert and get some other work done.  This morning I woke up at like 415am and couldn’t go back to sleep! But I did get up and get moving.

645am: Spinning

Class was GREAT today. I really worked hard and sweated it out! I’m tired as hell now, my eyes feel like sandpaper, but I’m hanging in there. I’m even considering skipping karate to do the 6pm spin class at my OTHER gym and then lifting. I really am missing lifting, so I need to work it into my schedule to keep burning the fat. My neck is also not 100% better, but seems okay enough to workout for now.

I also went to the sporting good store and got:

8 pair new socks. I love the underarmour socks and mine keep getting eaten by the dryer or the sock monster?

1 long-sleeve underarmour dri-fit shirt (white)

1 dri-fit undertights (to go out in cold in under thin jog pants)

2 ear covers dri-fit

1 yoga mat for doing push-ups and crunches in my bedroom

this shite is NOT cheap. So I hope I like it or I’m taking it BACK! I also saw ice skates for $70.00 so yes, another damn thing to think about!

Food log

745am: X Large Coffee w/ Skim

10am: eggs w/ salsa and bacon + large coffee w/ half and half

Goal today:

karate or spin  + lift

My Goals for this week:

Sun: Spin + Lift (x didn’t do either!)

Mon: Spinning (done)+ Karate + Lift

Tues: Spin + Karate

Weds: Spinning + Lift

Thurs: Spin + Karate

Fri: Spinning

Sat: Spin + Lift

Sun: Spin

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