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1015am: Treadmill 48 mins – 2.0-3.0% incline; 3.0-4.4 mph run/walk

1110am: Lift (Arms)

12am: new eliptical trainer machine (?) 5 mins

Today I did an alternate arm workout. I decided to do all exercises that I’ve never done before in my usual circuit/routine for the last couple of months. I figure all these magazines that I have been buying better pay of so I adopted some moves from this month’s Oxygen magazine.

Bench Press 65lbs x 12-15 reps x 3 sets

Chest Press 15lbs x 15 reps x 3 sets

Lat Raises (standing) 10lbs x 12-15 reps x 3 sets

Alt dumbell curls 10lbs x 12-15 reps x 3 sets

Hammer Curls (seated/incline) 10lbs x 15-18 reps x 3 sets

Tricep dumbell dip 10lbs x 15 reps x 3 sets

I’ll know tomorrow how well this worked. I did have to power through a couple of reps and by the 3rd set I just wanted to go home!

I had chicken, turkey and beef today so I didn’t adhere to pescatarian diet, but mainly b/c I don’t have any cash to go get fish, etc and I want to eat the stuff that I already have in the house. Funny that I still felt like I was breaking the rules.

I felt great after my workout and mentally I can tell the endorphins are worth the gym fee, the frustration and all the rest of it. I hope I can stay focused on being healthy versus being obsessed with dropping lbs. I didn’t get on the scale today and I feel like even if I never look any different (which I know won’t happen) this is worth it and I am worth it. I love how my body FEELS now compared to May when I got back from SAS.

Tomorrow if the snow holds off (lol) Amy is going to lead us in a 60-90 minute spin session. I checked my calendar and I’ve worked out 9 of the last 15 days! That is actually pretty damn good for as bad as I was feeling emotionally. Now I need to clean up my eating and stay focused through the holidays.


I did indeed make it to the gym tonite. I had a really productive meeting with my counselor and it brought up some stuff around emotional eating that I need to process some more.  It felt great to get a good, hard workout in.

Step Mill: 30 mins

Weight Circuit (arms)

Lats (40, 50, 60), Bench Press (20 lbs), Biceps Curls (30 lbs/40 lbs), Skull Crushers (30 lbs/40 lbs), Incline Bench Press (bar)

Elliptical Machine: 30 mins

I only got through the last 18 mins of the elliptical thanks to Mariah Carey’s mega long, 10+ minute remixes!

I do indeed like breaking the workouts up w/ weightlifting in between cardio sessions.

Goal: Water, Hit the gym tomorrow (treadmill/abs + push ups) and eat clean.

Wow. Yesterday I fell off the wagon and overate, but I am not beating myself up. I’m back home and hopefully back on track. I slept in today due to all the travel and emotions of the weekend. I made it to the 12 noon Weight Watchers info meeting. The College organizes a special WW session for employees and so…why not meet every Tuesday at lunchtime to learn and improve? I’m sort of excited about it, sort of “arms length” about it, so we shall see. I’m hoping it keeps me accountable and excited and learning more info about healthy eating.

I tried, really really tried to go to the gym today after meeting w/ my counselor. I went home, got dressed, ate a yogurt, rode my motorcycle to the gym and….made myself get on the elliptical and made myself stay on for 15 minutes. After that…I left, I just didn’t have any juice, no drive, nada.

So far today I’ve eaten pretty well. I have no idea what I’m going to do for dinner, but its already 8:30. I contemplated making another stab at the gym at 9pm when I finish this project, but…

And, I think I now want to try running from the house to the edge of main street as my “running” outside route. I am so embarassed to be running anywhere that I think I will start under cover of night (i.e. early a.m. or late p.m.!).

I am going to order my treadmill tomorrow and I’m going right now to check the karate class times/days. I’ve decided not to join ice hockey and check out the martial arts instead.


Hit the gym indeed. I think I do like splitting the cardio up and lifting in between.

Elliptical: 30 mins

Weights: Legs

Treadmill: 22 mins

 Doing legs is hard for me because it just isn’t as much fun, but I did have fun today when I just relaxed and decided to do only the exercises I wanted to do and LIKED.

Leg Press Machine 150 lbs x 3 sets x 10 reps

Calf Raises 150lbs x 3 sets x 10 reps

Leg Extension 100 lbs x 3 sets x 10-12 reps; 110 lbs x 10 reps (last set)

Leg Curl 100 lbs x 3 xets x 10-12 reps; 110 lbs x 10 reps (last set)

Incline Sled 90 lbs x 8-10 reps; 140 lbs x 8-10 reps (last 2 sets)

From Earlier:

I feel like I could almost always eat. Fortunately, I’m turning into more of a grazer than ever.

10am: Light n’ Fit Smoothie (130 calories)

11:30am: fruit cup

12noon: applesauce cup

1:00pm: small piece of steak

My goal is to hit the gym before I travel later this afternoon and tonite. If I hit it hard then I can work on monitoring my diet while traveling, but the travel days/weekend will be “rest” days so I’ll feel less pressure to try to get a workout in. I’m already stressed about being “off my routine” going into the weekend and want to get back home ASAP. I’m such a mess.

Plan: 30 mins Cardio + weights (legs-heavy) + 25 mins cardio

I’ll keep you posted on progress! I want to get my “star” today!

Man, I didn’t get up this morning and run. But later in the day, after my first session with my counselor, I MADE myself go to the gym. I mean, I really, really had to make myself go. I said “just for 20 minutes, then you can leave.”

I did the elliptical for 10 minutes, then jumped on the treadmill for 35 minutes. I basically walked slow but did the maximum incline (15).

I think I ate pretty clean today. Actually, what probably saved me is that there are no fast food places here in small town NH, and we don’t have any junk food in the house!

Breakfast: Oatmeal
Lunch: small piece of steak and boiled egg
Snack: 6 tortilla chips w/ Salsa

Snack: Grilled Cheese w/ wheat bread
Snack: grapes + pineapple chunks
Dinner: chicken w/ mozzarella and tomatoes + sauted green beans

J and I were talking about how we haven’t had soda in the house in weeks. Even then it was caffeine free-diet soda or the diet lemondade, but we don’t miss it. Maybe there’s something to be said for not having that in the house. I definitely drink more H20 than ever. And I’ve even refrained from getting a soda when I buy lunch at work!

So, as for the counselor. We met today and I was honest about my lifestyle, goals and insecurities regarding my weight. I told her that if I leave her in 9 months in the same physical condition that I got here in, I’m not sure I could take it. The pain of that thought is more compelling than the forces I have to overcome to get this weight off. She said “that sounds do-able, realistic” so that was good.

These aren’t my legs pictured, but as I left the gym today I saw my legs in a mirror and I decided that I like them. Actually I’ve always liked my legs, so I’m going to continue to find things about my body that I DO like and celebrate those.

Next Up: Health Insurance, Booking a Massage and a Pedicure all in the name of loving myself.

It felt great to give myself a star today for eating and working out.

I really, really didn’t want to go to the gym this morning. I finally made it by 730am only to discover that I had left my iPod headphones at the house. Now I don’t know about yall, but I can barely make it through 5 minutes of “gym” type exercise w/o my music, its just so dang boring. But I hope it says something about my commitment level that I did:

Treadmill: 10 mins (2% incline 3.3/walking)

Recumbent Bike: 10 mins

Elliptical Trainer: 10 mins

At 8 am, I had a packet of oatmeal w/ no butter, added splenda and that is it. This is far better than my two packs, plus lots o’ butter that I was having before.  At 10am I had two hard boiled eggs and two small sausage links.  I have a lunch meeting and yesterday I managed to eat a salad so today I’m not worried that I won’t be able to make a healthy choice.

I also brought some mini-bags of popcorn, some oatmeal packets to work for my “snack attack” drawer. I also brought some “bird food” to snack on today if necessary (yogurt and granola). I can’t believe this is me eating this stuff!

I think I am going to request my office be re-arranged to make way for the treadputer, and I’m thinking that I may split my workouts on the days I can and do cardio in the a.m. and weights in the p.m. I like lifting and it doesn’t really feel like exercise so I think I’d be more liable to go do that in the evenings. I know me well enough to know I’m not going to go do cardio after work 🙂

I also started my cycle today-ladies you know what I mean! And I’m excited b/c I tend to burn alot of calories when I workout during this time of the month.

Finally, I have two shirts that I LOVED when I was smaller (french cuffs!) that I can no longer fit. I have put them on hangers in my closet and try them on occassionally. I’m hoping this will be good motivation and not make me feel worse?


Went to the gym again this evening around 830pm.

circuit training

lat pulldowns wide grip 2×20 reps, 2×15 reps

lat pulldowns reverse grip 2×20 reps, 2×15 reps

benchpress 2 x bar x 20 reps, 2 x bar x 15 reps

skull crushers 2 x 12 lb bar x 20 reps, 2 x 20 lb bar x 2o reps

also did 7 rounds of jumping rope for 20-30 seconds with 90 seconds rest in between.

there were like 4 people in the gym so it was fun to do the circuit and this time I remembered my headphones.

I did eat well today. I ordered a cobb salad at lunch, ate 30% of it, finished it at like 4:30pm.  had a mini bag of popcorn at like 2pm.  cooked up a storm but no appetite for dinner with the heat.

Got home from the gym and got it in my head that i was going to run around the block. this turned out to be a bad idea for so many reasons 🙂  1. wrong bra 2. no knee brace 3. wearing dark clothes 4. started up an incline. so…i pretty much dragged my butt home. tomorrow is another day.

Oh, I forgot! Thanks to Livin’ La Vida Low Carb for the Shout out on his 50 new blogs list! Thanks Jimmy! Your amazing transformation is so inspiring! If you haven’t already, go check him out.

I got up at 6am and went to the gym! I was only about 30% excited and wasn’t terribly motivated when I got there, but I made myself go. I think I may be going to bed too early or something because I’m waking up crazy early like 4am and can’t get back to sleep! I’m hoping things settle down soon, maybe all the flux of the move up to NH for this 9 month project?

I am torn between wanting to walk to work and being enamored of my new motorcycle. I love, love, love riding it so I’m just itching to get on it so I figured I’ll ride as long as I can because up here in New England, the day will soon come when I will not be able to ride in this cold, cold, climate.

I’m thinking ahead to the weekend and I’m going to try to play some golf, hit the gym and walk the dog. I’ve been walking their dog daily for about 10-20 minutes which is not very fast, but better than nothing.

I’m enjoying our “stars” system of accountability and accomplishment. I’m also going to copy Joe’s “Day #” format because it is motivating in some way I can’t explain. Hey, I’ll continue to try EVERYTHING until SOMETHING works!

I’m also probably going to a weight watchers meeting with a colleague next monday and I got an e-mail from the sensei of the Karate dojo I want to check out locally. All that is left is to find a treadmill and check out the campus gym to see if I want to join that too/instead.

Elliptical: 15 mins

Treadmill: 22 mins

Lat pulldowns wide-grip: 3 sets 4olbs x 20 reps

Lat pulldowns reverse grip: 3 sets 40lbs x 20 reps

Benchpress (Bar) 3 sets x Bar x 10 reps

Had a slimfast shake at 7:30am

Two boiled eggs at 9:45 am

Large ham sandwich w/ chips & salsa at 12:30

1 cup of coffee (24 oz)

trying to drink 36 oz of H20! 

I hope everyone is doing well on their goals as summer comes to a close? I weighed in today and I’ve gained back 3lbs! arggghhh. 277 lbs. Damn, but…I will not give up. There are a ton of people at my new client who are supportive and loving, to cheer me on. I am going this weekend to find a treadmill to build my “Treadputer” so….Runchilde will NEVER GIVE UP!! I’m focusing more and more on this 9 month gift of time to dedicate to changing my lifestyle which is why I love following the blogs of others who are doing their best as well.

I ate very well today. Tuna salad on wheat for lunch, subbed a banana instead of chips. Two pickle spears!! Dinner was grilled pork chops, 2 table spoons of roasted red potatoes, grilled asparagus and salad w/ a yummy oil and vinegar dressing.

I wanted to walk to work today, but wanted to get in by 9am, I was running late so I rode my motorcycle for the first time up here in NH (HUGE GRIN!). I think I’m going to walk to work and walk home for lunch and ride my bike back to work after lunch because I find that at 5pm I don’t feel like walking for the return trip.

Did 20 mins on the elliptical at the gym tonite.
I am going to get up early tomorrow and hit the gym before work and be at work by 9am (including walking to work). I got a free 2 wk pass to the local high price gym. I like their hours (445am-10pm) but they don’t have group exercise classes that are condusive to people who work 9-5pm. My supervisor said she’s cool with people dippping out to workout as needed, as long as it all gets made up for in the end.

There are two yoga classes that look interesting since I’ve never done yoga before, a kickboxing class but that is intermediate level. I haven’t yet gone running up here, but I will. I think I’m self-concious and want to get some weight off first, which sounds weird but…that’s what is on my mind.

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