spin-41 Made it to the 6am spinning class with Laleh. It was tough, but great. Had me thinking of when I could go again today (not possible) but hey..it felt great (mostly afterwards!). 

Setting up schedule for Spin/lift/couch to 5k plan.

eggs w/ cheese and sausage for breakfast. coffee was necessary and delicious. only opted for 1 slice of (wheat!) toast and avoided the potatoes altogether.

Now I must drink 3 cups of water before the end of the day…

930pm update: Drank at least 3 cups of water so that is good. Feel like I should drink more, but I’m in the bed!

Lunch was a salad and water, it was really good!

Snack was soup and 3 vegetarian chikn nuggets (protein!) and some tortilla strips. I was hungry!

dinner was grilled pork and water and i have some pretzels and peanut butter to snack on because i still feel hungry.

I set up a run/spin/lift target schedule for the week. That seemed to work well last year. Body is sore and I’m tired, but could be any number of things. Just gonna take it easy.