330pm: Spinning

Wow! Amy led 4 of us (incl herself) in an inpromptu spin session this afternoon. We were aiming for a long ride 60-90 mins, but we got kicked out of the spinning studio by the Women’s Crew team who had booked it. So we got about 50 good/hard minutes in.

My arms are shredded from yesterday! Light(er) weights/higher reps is nothing to play around with! 🙂 I can feel it from my biceps to my abs and it feels good. Mikisha said today that I look like I’ve lost some. I haven’t been on the scale in a couple of days and I doubt that I really have lost anything, but I feel good!

I really am enjoying spinning/biking and Amy said she’d take me/us (Corey-the other spin teacher) out in the spring to learn mountain biking (how to be safe/where to go, etc.).

I will keep up the active lifestyle through the break by eating pescatarian and hanging out with active folks and going to the gym in charlottesville and hampton.

I’m thinking about making a book of the articles and exercises that I am seeing in all the fitness magazines I have so far. That way I can have reference material at hand and start recycling the rest of the magazine.

My biceps feel awesome! They are powerful enough to make fresh squeezed orange juice! LOL. Actually I need to do some push ups and plan on walking to the gym tomorrow for Corey’s spin class. I’m also about to look up the Couch to 5k plan AGAIN! And I think my “cycle” is about to start so I am going to try to get some good exercise in the next few days. But right now I’m off to dinner and wine at the Jones’!