9am: Spin Class

Went to RVC (my main gym) for the second spin class in a row! The music and instructor weren’t as good today, but it was still a good sweat-breaker! I got KJones to go with me today so I’m 2-2 in recruiting people to feel my pain!

The lbs still aren’t coming off, but I have to keep putting one foot in front of the other! I want to up my cardio and weights so I either have to add them into an already busy week or let karate slide which I’m not quite ready to do.

I am eating better, but still not as clean as I’d like. Last monday I did great, but steadily declined over the course of the week. I never went “all out” and haven’t gone “all out” in quite some time, but need to make better choices. Avoiding flour, potatoes, and sugar.

I really want to get down to a size 8-12; and be defined. I think genetically I bulk up/tone up pretty fast so once I melt the fat off I should be able to get some nice definition. The lbs are not dropping the way I want them too, but I’m going to assume I’m in some spiritual test wherein I need to know that I’m not giving up even if the scale doesn’t drop because I FEEL 100% better than I did when I got back from Semester at Sea. Also, I know I can do this. I WANT to do this. I’m really looking forward to getting new clothes, a haircut and all that good stuff and oh..sex, lots and lots more sex! lol.

My Goals for This Week:

Sunday: Spin (done)

Monday: Spin + Lift+ Run

Tuesday: Karate

Wednesday: Spin

Thursday: Karate + Lift

Friday: Spin + Karate

Saturday: Spin or Karate or Cardio; Lift if necessary