I am really proud of the way I worked out, stuck to the plan and ate pretty clean today.

Workout Log:

645am: Spinning
630pm: Karate

I love this pic (no, it isn’t me..yet!). Today was a GREAT day. Not that anything has changed good, bad or otherwise, but my attitude just seems to have adjusted back to positive after a couple of “blah” weeks.

I hit spin class today and it was a good workout. I now have to factor in de-icing my windows into my time frame for the 645am class, but today wasn’t too bad. The music was “off” again for me, lots of 80’s and 90’s rock type stuff, better than last time, but not inspirational. I guess you can’t have it all!

I felt invogorated after spin class but also sore from Sunday’s heavy lifting session. I can feel my biceps and triceps for sure. They’re buried under flab, but they are in there!

I had to force myself to go to karate. It is no longer “novel” its now “work” and I found my attention wandering the last two weeks also hard to motivate myself when “blah” but my goal is to make it through Christmas and if I don’t like it, then I’ll move on to something else or just fill in with spin/run/lift. Tonight was hard, the crunches, the calisthenics, the kata…but I still felt like I had pushed myself and learned something after class. That is what I have to remember on those days that I want it to be easy. I learned the first Konshin Kata and have 3 more to go. The good news is that the footwork for the next three are the same, it is the blocks/punches that change. I have a private lesson with one of my favorite Senpei on Friday night to go over the other piece that I’ve been working on.

I’m trying to decide if I want to do spin on Tuesday or Treadmill train. I need to be careful that I don’t overdo it and injur myself and end up back on the bench. I also need to work on doing more weight training on my lower body.

My goals for this week:

Sunday: cardio (done!) + lift (done!)

Monday: Spin (done!) + karate (done!)

Tuesday: Karate + Cardio

Weds: Spin + Lift

Thurs: Karate

Friday: Spin + Karate (private tutoring)

Saturday: Spin or Karate + Lift or Cardio

Food Log:

8am: Large Coffee w/ Skim
930 am: Large Coffee w/ Skim
10am: Fruit w/ little cottage Cheese
11am: Slimfast Shake
1240: Salad w/ Tuna + grilled chicken (one onion ring!)
2pm: 1 choc chip cookie (this was hard!)
545pm: turkey + broccoli (light, pre-karate)
845pm: small piece of steak + broccoli (not much)