645am: Spin Class

 Class was good from a sweat perspective today, but the music wasn’t great. Lots of folk and rock music. But I guess its hard to keep things mixed up and everyone happy!

I haven’t been eating very clean. But I am down another 2.8 lbs from last week per weight watchers meeting. I have been stumped by the 2 lb difference between my scale at the house and the WW scale at our meetings and yesterday I realized…duh…I weigh myself totally starkers at home, and with clothes on at WW!! So…mystery solved. For purposes of this blog I’m giving the 2 lb range and that is why (i.e. so far I’m down 9.2 lbs since joing weight watchers and down 18-20 lbs from May 21, 2007.

Part of me wants the weight to come off faster and another knows I am making a LIFESTYLE change and that takes time. I need to eat a bit cleaner.  I’m starting to “sneak” in little things that aren’t healthy versus being consistently healthy w/ little “treats” occassionally. I’m also not as in love w/ karate as I am w/ spinning and trying to decide if I should keep spinning and piano and karate or finish karate?

wish me luck!