645am: Spinning

I wasn’t that into it this morning. I felt like I couldn’t really get into the groove. I’m still glad that I went. Might have needed more water after sitting in the sauna for 25 mins on Sunday though I tried to hydrate well last night. The sauna (plus wine) did contribute to a good deep sleep! I was in the bed by 1030pm and asleep before 1115pm I’m sure, I woke up naturally at 530am and felt pretty good.

I also stepped on the scale and the snacking is catching up with me. I need to cool it and break into the 250’s. I’m contemplating hitting the gym tonite, but I have two work functions after 5pm so karate and cardio are probably out. I need to be sure I’m getting enough rest and letting my body rest even though I feel like I want to “push” forward. I don’t want to get hurt or burnt out.  WW meeting is tomorrow :-0

I still got my “star” for today! It might be a good night to run outside (though it is cold) since I have karate tomorrow night and I could recover for 24 hours.

8am: Rice Dream smoothie w/ berries+banana and whey protein (8oz)

1045: Scrambled eggs w/ salsa + bacon/sausage