7am: Spinning Class

I was late, but what a great way to start the day! My body is sore from last night’s Karate workout but the strech in my legs from the bike felt good. I’m impressed that I actually made it despite being late. I also am day 3 into one of my two new Sport Bras and I really like it. It keeps everything right where it is supposed to be!

Karate was intense. I sweated through my t-shirt and my Gi was soaked! We were all drenched. We moved constantly doing kicking, punching and sparring drills. I had it in my mind that I was going to go to the gym afterwards but there is no way. Karate is a phenomenal workout if you’re looking for something to add to your activity mix. I like the formality of the Dojo (classroom), the Gi (the Karate outfit) and the respect structure of the teacher and “ranking” hierarchy. Everyone at my new Dojo is welcoming and easy to get along with. My goal is to test for my first belt in February 2008.

Today I need to drink water, eat clean and rest up. I’m going to go to the gym or go running tonite.

Food log

8am: Weight Control Quaker oatmeal and Water

920am: Coffee w/ half&half/skim + splenda

115pm: Banana

130pm: Small salad

145pm: Eggplant Parmesean (yum!)

My Goals for this week:

Mon: Cardio + Weights (done!)

Tues: Karate (done!)

Weds: Spinning  (done!) + Weights (or abs and push ups)

Thurs: Karate

Fri: Spinning

Sat: Cardio (Hard workout)

Sun: Rest