Woke up hungry as all get out! I nibbled and snacked last night after the gym (slimfast Optima shake, lowfat string cheese and 3 peanut butter crackers). I need to ween my system off the white flour and fried breading it got this weekend and then my hunger will abate again I’m sure.  I need to snack “cleaner” and step up my cardio intensity. I got on the WW scale today and was down .2 lbs lol, which after a weekend of wine and fried chicken is OKAY with me! But I want to see some more drastic results, and last week, by the end of the week I could really FEEL that I was “smaller.”

So far today I’ve been eating clean, but I’m hungrier than I was last week.

830 am: coffee w/ skim and splenda + Banana

1145 am: Slimfast Optima (on the way to Weight Watchers!)

130 pm: Salad w/ grilled chicken (no boiled eggs, no cheese)

500pm: Slimfast Optima

900pm: Spinach w/ onions and chicken sausage (sauteed)

930pm: 2 Qhourn “chicken” nuggets (fake chicken)

I started my “cycle” this morning, so I’m glad in that it burns up tons of calories, but I also have to wear a white karate uniform….great! lol.

My Goals for this week:

Mon: Cardio + Weights (done!)

Tues: Karate (done!)

Weds: Spinning + Weights (or abs and push ups)

Thurs: Karate

Fri: Spinning

Sat: Cardio (Hard workout)

Sun: Rest