Despite travel, being out of town, work stress etc. I just couldn’t NOT go to the gym tonite. I felt full of nervous energy!

Treadmill: 30 mins
Weight Training Circuit (Arms): 3 sets of:
Bench Press (20 lbs, last set w/ 25 lbs)
Biceps Curls (30 lbs, 40 lbs)
Skull Crushers (30 lbs, 40 lbs)
Closegrip Bench Press (30 lbs, 40 lbs)
Shoulder Press w/ Dumbells (12, 15 and 20 lbs)

Definitely didn’t feel as strong after 7 days off from lifting. I missed it and could tell I was a bit weaker (I could be crazy), but I banged out 7 reps w/ 25 lbs on the Bench Press!

Precor Stepper (New machine): 30 mins