This Week’s Goals:
Mon: Spinning–Check! (also went to Karate)
Tues: Cardio + Weights (x)
Weds: Spinning (Check!) and I added PM Cardio!
Thurs: Rest Day (x) – I went to Karate
Fri: Cardio + Weights – (AM: Spinning)

645am: Spinning Class

8am: Large Coffee w/ Skim Milk

My goal today is to eat clean and get out of work on time and hit the gym for more cardio and a weight workout which I’ve been missing. I will also focus on eating when I’m hungry and eating healthy when I’m hungry instead of counting on the fact that I am not eating as much as I used to as a “justification” for eating poorly (mozzarella sticks, pizza) and snack on my fruit cups and applesauce especially sense I’ve got a weekend out of town.