This morning I rested instead of going to the gym. I figured a double workout yesterday and the prospect of Karate tonight was good enough reason not to push it.

Workout Log:
730: Karate

I am not so worried about not being that hungry anymore. I spoke with a colleague who said maybe physically and psychologically my body is over the worst of the compulsive need to overeat. I’m going to claim this.

Food Log:
8am Breakfast: Rice Dream smoothie w/ blackberries & banana
1030 Snack: Eggs w/ Salsa & bacon
4pm Lunch: Italian Sausage soup (scooped out most of the pasta) & small salad
6pm Cocktail hour (lol): chips and salsa w/ the works + 7 chicken strips

I know I need to clean up my eating to bust out of the 260’s and down into the 250’s. I’ve been open to trying new activities and I am also working on being consistent and going even when I don’t “feel” like it.

I left work at 3pm today and went to the local bike shop and got a padded bike seat for my spinning class ($18 and if it works, it’ll be worth every damn dime).

I bought the pass to formally join the spinning class and tried to join the local gym. The pass wasn’t a problem but the gym pass was, I’ll have to finagle some stuff tomorrow. I question joining another gym, but it is closer to the house in case its too bad for me to drive to RVC, and it has an indoor track and basketball courts which will come in handy when it gets cold (or I should say colder).

I STILL haven’t ordered my treadmill. Mainly b/c I don’t drive to work and I need my car to get over to Lebanon to get to Sears and I usually don’t slow down that much until well after 8pm.

The spin class ends December 18th. But now I also need to decide if I am going to commit to Karate. It’s $100/mo. and honestly the money itself isn’t the problem, its that I don’t want to commit to something and not follow through. It has been 3 classes and I do like it. Some stuff is definitely hard at my weight and physical conditioning, but everyone has been wonderful and says to just relax and have fun.

The other thing is that I miss my weight training this week. I haven’t worked the weights since saturday.