Wow. I actually made it to Karate class tonight. I was worried about how out of shape I am, but I went and it was FUN. The first exercise we did to get warmed up I was really good at and the Sensei was like “you’ve got a sports background” and I told him I did play basketball in HS and that does wonders for hand eye coordination!

We did this game/exercise where we were in a circle (about 15 of us) and we had this weighted ball (about 5-8 lbs) that we tossed around as fast as we could randomly. The goal is to NOT drop this ball. If you do you have to exit the circle and do a push up and then return. At the end we did eliminations. I made it down to the last 4!

We did some practice “attacks” and that was FUN too. Kicking exercises were tough, but good for lower body. I was seriously sweating up in there!

I’m probably going to go to one or two more sessions before I commit. What a great day. Two new things I’ve tried and both were interesting enough that I’ll be back again. God willing and the creek don’t rise as we say in the south!

And yes, yes I DID give myself TWO stars today.