Spinning Class: 40 mins (645am)

I can’t even believe I got up and went to this class this morning. And truth be told, if it weren’t for Mikisha I probably would have stayed in bed. It is getting COLD outside up here and it was hard to get up.

However, I totally enjoyed the class and will try it again on Wednesday I think. I didn’t go “all out” because I wanted to get a feel for what the class was like. My butt hurt but I learned I can go buy a “gel” seat that will help. I’m not at all comfortable with the idea of wearing “padded” biker shorts at my height/weight, but the “gel” seat sounds like an option. My toes also hurt so I’m going to try my Airmax 95’s next time.

My goal today is to make it to Karate Class at 6:30pm and get some major “work work” done at work (lol).

Food Log:

9am: scrambled eggs w/ salsa two small sausage links
2pm: tuna salad on light wheat w/ baked lays + 2 (1/4’d) pickle spears
*two cups coffee throughout the day

815pm: medium size haddock (fish) w/ corn and peas mix (plus butter), still not starving, but a little hungry. May go for an apple sauce in a little while.

Weird, I’m not that hungry today…hmmm. Hope this keeps up! I can live with not being hungry or tempted! But its prolly all that pizza I had yesterday (and I enjoyed EVERY DAMN BITE!).

This Week’s Goals:

Mon: Spinning–Check!
Tues: Cardio + Weights
Weds: Spinning
Thurs: Rest Day
Fri: Cardio + Weights