I did indeed make it to the gym tonite. I had a really productive meeting with my counselor and it brought up some stuff around emotional eating that I need to process some more.  It felt great to get a good, hard workout in.

Step Mill: 30 mins

Weight Circuit (arms)

Lats (40, 50, 60), Bench Press (20 lbs), Biceps Curls (30 lbs/40 lbs), Skull Crushers (30 lbs/40 lbs), Incline Bench Press (bar)

Elliptical Machine: 30 mins

I only got through the last 18 mins of the elliptical thanks to Mariah Carey’s mega long, 10+ minute remixes!

I do indeed like breaking the workouts up w/ weightlifting in between cardio sessions.

Goal: Water, Hit the gym tomorrow (treadmill/abs + push ups) and eat clean.