I haven’t been to the gym since Saturday, eek! But my sleep patterns have been off and work is ramping up. That said, I know I need to continue to make my health my #1 priority.

  • Today was our first official Weight Watchers meeting during lunchtime. I went, I enjoyed it and think it will be a good source of new info and knowledge to live healthier. I am proud of myself for doing this for me. I now have a 10% of my bodyweight Target goal. I’m kind of excited about that. Simple concept, but I hadn’t set a stretch goal like that. Just my 5-7 lb desire to get to 262.  This is a 10 week program that will end on December 18th (11 wks), so at 2 lbs/week, I could get close to the 10% goal by then!
  • I went and had my blood sugar and blood pressure checked at a free clinic for work today and both are good to go!
  • I have my counseling appointment at 4pm tonite.
  • I have Karate at 7:30 I think. I haven’t heard back from the instructor so I’ll either go or go to the gym.

My main concern is getting back into a nice gym routine and lifting/cardio circuit. Without it I have been “holding steady” but I am ready to ramp things back up and see another significant drop.

Food log:

Slimfast Optima Drink, medium banana, large salad, coffee.