This weekend was crazy. I had a good friend come up and visit so that threw me off my hardcore eating/exercising plan! BUT, I haven’t gained a pound yet, so I’m hoping that I’m maintaining. We did hit the gym saturday for a light workout, but I’m finding that I’m “itching” for some quality lifting/cardio, how cool is that…I’m getting addicted to the exercise.

My goals for this week are:

1) Eat consistently clean, not perfect, but I need to “jumpstart” my fat loss engines again after a week of not quite clean eating and a weekend of light beer and burgers! The great thing is that I can tell I’m learning/adapting because a) I couldn’t finish an appetizer and whole burger yesterday. And instead of fries w/ the burger I ordered…green beans…oh my god! b) I had a breakdown last night and got nachos w/ cheese and chili and about 1/4 of the way through…threw them out..I knew I wasn’t hungry and just stopped.

I did snack in the middle of the night last night, had soda (diet yesterday) and generally feel “off” but not bad. I also have some renewed vigor and motivation.

2) Gym 5x

3) Try new activity (either Karate, Yoga or Spinning)

4) Slim fast shakes for snacks or meal replacements

I picked up the new Runner’s World magazine and haven’t made it through that, but it is always an inspiration.

I’m worried that because I didn’t sleep well, have a friend in town for dinner tonite, and have a ton of work to do that I won’t hit the gym tonite. But I want to make it a priority. I’m guzzling water, coffee and slimfast (in that order) to get my fat burning machine revved up.  5lbs to my 262 lb goal that will put me at my pre-Semester at Sea weight and 100 lbs exactly from my goal.