Ate a huge breakfast today, but I’ve got company in town and we’re just chillin’. I had mostly protein. Eggs w/ cheese and onion, ham and bacon, one slice of wheat toast. And coffee, lots and lots of sweet coffee!

Then we walked about 2 miles around the campus sightseeing. Then more wandering out and about wherein I ate a nice size bag of kettle korn. yummy!

We did hit the gym briefly and I did 30 minutes on the Step Mill, have you tried this thing? It’s a BEAST, but I really like it. It simulates walking up steps and you can really blast some calories and work up a sweat. I’m glad my friend was game for working out. Tomorrow I’m going to hit the gym and hopefully drag her too. And if the sun is out, maybe play some golf!

Tomorrow I will eat clean and tonite I should get a good night’s sleep which definitely makes a difference!