Wow. Yesterday I fell off the wagon and overate, but I am not beating myself up. I’m back home and hopefully back on track. I slept in today due to all the travel and emotions of the weekend. I made it to the 12 noon Weight Watchers info meeting. The College organizes a special WW session for employees and so…why not meet every Tuesday at lunchtime to learn and improve? I’m sort of excited about it, sort of “arms length” about it, so we shall see. I’m hoping it keeps me accountable and excited and learning more info about healthy eating.

I tried, really really tried to go to the gym today after meeting w/ my counselor. I went home, got dressed, ate a yogurt, rode my motorcycle to the gym and….made myself get on the elliptical and made myself stay on for 15 minutes. After that…I left, I just didn’t have any juice, no drive, nada.

So far today I’ve eaten pretty well. I have no idea what I’m going to do for dinner, but its already 8:30. I contemplated making another stab at the gym at 9pm when I finish this project, but…

And, I think I now want to try running from the house to the edge of main street as my “running” outside route. I am so embarassed to be running anywhere that I think I will start under cover of night (i.e. early a.m. or late p.m.!).

I am going to order my treadmill tomorrow and I’m going right now to check the karate class times/days. I’ve decided not to join ice hockey and check out the martial arts instead.