I love saturday mornings, don’t you?  I got up and hit the gym by 8:45am, anticipating not wanting to do any cardio and setting a goal of 30 minutes. I got into it and made myself go for 3 miles and ignore the time.  I did 3%-7% incline for the first 40 minutes doing walk-jog and then 0%-3% for the last 20:30 with more jogging than walking. It took over 60 minutes, but it felt great to accomplish this. I like doing the hard incline because when I reduce the incline it feels sooooo easy! I think I’m going to train on the treadmill all winter and then hit the road in the spring.

I’m headed out to play golf with one of my housemates, so we’ll probably walk 9 holes. I’m seriously considering going BACK to the gym to lift this afternoon. I have a meet-up with a friend that isn’t until 8:30pm, but we’ll see how I feel.

I put my stars on the calendar for working out, but I think my housemates are over it. Fortunately, I still am motivated by it. So I’ll keep it up until it runs its course, but I like the “star system.”

I’m also still thinking about giving up red meat and pork, but we shall see. I had some Nachos last night that were good enough to make you smack your mama! 

Weekend Goals:

Sat: AM Run + Golf

Sun: AM Run + Lift+ Golf

Mon: AM Run

I am also still interested in a local 5 mile hike that might be a nice trail run come spring, and the local Karate class. There’s a beginner’s yoga class on Wednesday afternoons and a Kickboxing class on Wednesday mornings. 

I e-mailed the personal trainer but the e-mail bounced back so I’ll try to give him a call next week. I am back up in the 270’s due to my martini and hamburger + no exercise boondoggle last week, but I’m confident I’ll crack the 260’s by October 1. I have one more work trip coming up Sept 27-30th that I need to watch my eating behaviors on, then things should slow down.

I really enjoyed last month’s Runner’s World Magazine.