I worked out today for the first time since last Tuesday. Damn. I had a whirlwind week of travel and though some people maintain their diet and exercise plans on the road, I have yet to figure that combination out.

I hit the gym about 6pm which is rare as I like to go early a.m. but I didn’t sleep well because I had so much pent up energy. So I told myself to just GO and lift. But I ended up lifting AND did about 30 mins of cardio.

Upper body circuit (incl. bench pressing bar +15!)
2 rotations of Jumping Rope
Treadmill: 27 mins
Bike: 3 mins

On the treadmill I have been doing 2.7-3.5 mph at 3%-7% incline. Granted I can only “run” for about a minute at a time, but when I reduced the incline to 0%, I was chugging along nicely! Cool! Granted I could only run for about 2 minutes! LOL.

I decided not to push myself too hard after being out for a week and because I want to exercise tomorrow morning since I have plans tomorrow night. I’m also hoping to get some golf in this weekend.

I also ran into a legendary local personal trainer, Wayne B and got his info so I’m going to check into his rates.

I feel more energetic the last few days, I have a plan and I’m going to work it until I can’t work it anymore! Now I need to tighten up on my eating habits again and ditch the sausage in the mornings and ditch the “white” bread/flour/carbs.

Tonite I’m having two chicken sausages, salad and green beans, no potato for moi!

Finally…got approval to build the treadputer!