Last night I woke up at 345am and couldn’t get back to sleep until 6am so no workout for me. Lots of work related stuff/stress I think. I hit the road for a week of bouncing around travel tomorrow. I’m working on learning how to work through the stress without eating through the stress.

I woke up hungry as hell, speaking of eating. I don’t think I’m under-eating, but good gosh darn, I was ravenous!

Today’s small victories:

1) I haven’t had a diet pepsi since…?? sometime last week

2) I had a banana and a slim fast for my two “snacks” today

3) I almost, and I mean I wasthisclose to going through the McDonald’s drive through this afternoon. I was tired, hungry and cranky = prime disaster time. But…somehow I made it home to baked chicken, potatoes and broccoli. And I had 2nds but not much, and a low fat fudge pop. But that’s it!

I’m proud of myself. Lovesickness is abating.