I totally blew my diet the last three days while traveling. I feel/felt awful and can really tell the difference in both my physicality and my mentality. I feel blue and am/was beating myself up. But I got home late last night and I made myself go to the gym today.

Treadmill: 40 mins, mostly walking 3.3-3.7 from 3%-6% incline. I had dinner plans with my housemates so I didn’t lift and I’m itching to do so. I’m hoping to hit the gym tomorrow early evening.

My legs didn’t feel particularly strong and I was struggling to maintain the pace for more than 60 seconds, but I feel like I got a good workout. Now I need to get my eating back on track.

Unfortunately I have to travel from Weds of this week until Tuesday of the following week and I guess I don’t have confidence in my ability to actually stay on track.

Food log:

chicken curry pot pie (small)

mushrooms and rice w/ salmon and tomato salad, + 1 small piece of bread, small glass of white wine. 5 chips w/ salsa (appetizer)

I was hungry and probably ate too much rice, but I haven’t eaten all that much today. My stomach feels kind of bloated too.

The good news is that I’ve broken 269! Maybe not for long, but my goal is to stay off the scale until 9/30 and my hope is that I’ll be in the 262 lb range which would be 16 lbs lost this summer.

I know I can do this. I feel like my life depends on it.