I got up and took the dog for a long walk into town so I could hit the Dunkin’ Donuts. Don’t worry, all I got was coffee, a huge one, but I needed it! We walked slow, but it was a nice morning to meander. And coffee seems to cut/curb my appetite a bit. I know the cream in it is horrible, but hey..one step at a time.

Food Log 10am Huge Coffee
1pm Veggie Quiche & Salad (trying to drink lots o’ water before the gym)

630pm Big portion of eggplant parmesean & quiche. I prolly ate too much of it, but I was STARVING after all that activity today.

Workout Log

Walk: 30 mins w/ Dog
Treadmill: 32 mins. 2%-3% incline walk at 2.7/2.8 (10 mins). Jog 3.3/3.5 (22 mins).

ETA: Just back from walking 9 holes of golf w/ Josh. 5000+ steps per the pedometer, worked up a sweat. My feet HURT now. I think I’m done for the day, but it was a good one! I’m glad I pushed myself and have others who can inspire and help me to be active. It seems like if you ride the cart and play 18 holes you get 5000+ steps too. So walking 9 or carting 18 may burn about the same calories (??) I don’t know walking some of those hills on the front 9 was HELL!

ETA later: I’m sore as hell! I’m going to take some aspirin and get in the bed! I would love to get up and try to run outside tomorrow, but er, uh, we’ll see.