wow. it has been hot here and i haven’t been sleeping well. so i didn’t get up and hit the gym like i thought i would yesterday plus, i went twice tuesday so who am i kidding! lol. i did however go to the driving range for an hour with J and hit golf balls, walked the dog for 20 mins last night so…i am more active.

i ate pretty healthy yesterday. probably should’ve had more fruits/veggies, but didn’t eat all of my steak at dinner and had a salad with it but no carbs/potatoes so that is great. except i woke up this morning hella hungry. i didn’t sleep well AT ALL last night either so…no gym this a.m. and i had an 8am breakfast meeting (what crack was i smoking?). But at brekky i was very proud of myself. instead of my usual (old self) 3 egg omlete + bacon + hashbrowns + toast, I had…oatmeal….again. But it was the REAL DEAL. brown sugar and splenda. No raisins, no sugar, no milk. I did have two pieces of link sausage, but I didn’t feel “full” at all (good).

i have no idea when i’m going to get to the gym today. i have a social outing tonite at 6:30 so maybe i’ll cut out early and go after that?? hahahahahahaha…yeah, i’m laughing too. but i WILL get my silver star for eating healthy today. The star system is really working for me.

i think i’ve also decided to stay in town for the labor day holiday. i would love to golf w/ Dana and see all my buddies, but the healthiest thing is for me to stay with this routine, and all signs point to me needing routine to stay on track.  I have a TON of travel in September which has proven an achilles’ heel in the past. But I will NEVER give up! EVER. So I will continue to use my star system even when I go on the road and fortunately I don’t have much (if any) travel in Oct.

I am waiting on final approval for my Treadputer project.