I slept great friday night! What a difference that makes. I got up and took the dog for a 20 minute walk and tried to kick up the pace a little bit and tackled a little bit of an incline. Then I ran around with D & J to the golf & ski store. 

I was starting to want to just chill, but I went to the gym and did the treadmill for 22 mins (18 mins “jogging” at 3.35 mph) slow as hell, but it felt great. then I did an arms circuit which I mixed up a bit. I didn’t get too crazy at the gym because I went and played 10 holes of golf w/ J later on. It was 90 degrees w/ 78% humidity, so it was less pleasant than usual, but still fun.

I am trying to eat healthier and its not easy, but the star system we are using is kind of a great motivator for me. I like thinking about “did i earn my star” or “if i eat this will i still earn my star?”

ate oatmeal for breakfast

meatloaf pre golf

chicken sausage w/ onions and salad w/ oil and vinegar post golf.

Treadmill: 22 mins

lat pulldowns wide grip 20 reps x 3 sets

lat pulldowns reverse grip 20 reps x 3 sets

bench press 15 reps x 3 sets