I hope everyone is doing well on their goals as summer comes to a close? I weighed in today and I’ve gained back 3lbs! arggghhh. 277 lbs. Damn, but…I will not give up. There are a ton of people at my new client who are supportive and loving, to cheer me on. I am going this weekend to find a treadmill to build my “Treadputer” so….Runchilde will NEVER GIVE UP!! I’m focusing more and more on this 9 month gift of time to dedicate to changing my lifestyle which is why I love following the blogs of others who are doing their best as well.

I ate very well today. Tuna salad on wheat for lunch, subbed a banana instead of chips. Two pickle spears!! Dinner was grilled pork chops, 2 table spoons of roasted red potatoes, grilled asparagus and salad w/ a yummy oil and vinegar dressing.

I wanted to walk to work today, but wanted to get in by 9am, I was running late so I rode my motorcycle for the first time up here in NH (HUGE GRIN!). I think I’m going to walk to work and walk home for lunch and ride my bike back to work after lunch because I find that at 5pm I don’t feel like walking for the return trip.

Did 20 mins on the elliptical at the gym tonite.
I am going to get up early tomorrow and hit the gym before work and be at work by 9am (including walking to work). I got a free 2 wk pass to the local high price gym. I like their hours (445am-10pm) but they don’t have group exercise classes that are condusive to people who work 9-5pm. My supervisor said she’s cool with people dippping out to workout as needed, as long as it all gets made up for in the end.

There are two yoga classes that look interesting since I’ve never done yoga before, a kickboxing class but that is intermediate level. I haven’t yet gone running up here, but I will. I think I’m self-concious and want to get some weight off first, which sounds weird but…that’s what is on my mind.