I made the transition to New Hampshire this past weekend.
Ate horribly the week prior and during the two day move up.
Walked to and from work today (approx 3 miles?) and ate much better the last two days.

I am going to walk to/from work as often as possible even though I paid for a parking pass. I also have my motorcycle here (yay!) and motorcycle permits are free.

I’m also waiting to get approved for the Dartmouth U gymnasium, and going to check out another local gym, a shorinkan karate dojo and maybe some piano lessons.

i’m staying w/ two friends who also want to lose weight/get fit. So we set up a huge dry erase calendar on the fridge and stars w/ different colors to denote days when we exercise (you get a gold star), when we eat right (a silver star) and we’re also doing a secret goal–each of us has to pick a secret goal, not related to work or weightloss, and you get a star for everyday you work on your secret goal and you tell the other two when you’ve accomplished it.

So…the quest continues. 9 months and counting…..