It is so hot here in VA that it is hard to get motivated to run outside (or go outside at all). No traditional exercise the last two days due to all day work on getting the rental unit ready for new tenants. Painting, weeding garden, cleaning, sweeping, etc. good 5-7 hours on Thursday and Friday, so I don’t feel too bad. My body is arguing with me over that as it is!

Today I popped in the Jillian Michaels Cardio Kickbox DVD and did 10 minutes of that..damn, I was sweating and huffing after the first two minutes. Its not much, but I’m glad I did that. My hope is that I’ll take a nap and do the couch to 5k run tonite when it cools down!

My mom asked me if I had weighed myself and I haven’t since….June 21st? I kind of wouldn’t be surprised if I were down a couple of pounds and kind of wouldn’t be surprised if I wasn’t.