Wow. It has been almost exactly 2 weeks since I last posted (and went to the gym)! I was out on the west coast for work from the 6th-23rd of July and I didn’t see the inside of a single gym. Indeed I battled some serious blues over my weight battle. I almost gave up, but one of the things I love most about myself is my spirit, I will continue to rise, no matter how many times I fall.

Today=Treadmill: 30 mins. I had a hard time getting into a rythm, but I stuck with it and did 4.0-4.2 for 2-3 minutes at a time w/ no need for my inhaler (exercise induced asthma during spring/summer).  I am proud of myself for going today. I am looking forward to going tomorrow. Unfortunately I had fast food today because I was out running around when extreme hunger hit. And when you’re that hungry you just can’t be like “oh wait til we get home and have some yogurt” well, at least I can’t.

Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm.” – Unknown

that is one of my favorite quotes, and I’m trying to live it. 

The west coast trip wasn’t totally a bust in terms of health. I enjoyed the weather, I did 2-3 walks of 40-60 minutes, I ate poorly, but have eaten worse in the past. I also stayed with friends who are fairly health concious and fit, that helped alot. The scariest part was that there were a couple of times that I “snuck” food. And anyone who knows what I mean, knows what I mean. That felt horrible, but I did and will own up to it, take the power away from it, move on.

My mom said it looks like I’ve lost some weight, so did my dad. I’d be real impressed if that is the case, I don’t feel it but hey….I’ll take the compliment.  I didn’t weigh myself today b/c I’m on my cycle, so I’ll wait until late August.  I didn’t do any weights this month and I think I miss(ed) it, I may just re-incorporate it into my routine if it gets me to the gym then so what?

 I scoped out treadmills today, My nike watch died so I got a new one, I found both of my tennis rackets so I bought a can of balls (who I’m going to play with…I have NO idea). I replaced the pedometer that I lost ON THE PLANE to California and I can’t believe that I bought Jillian Michael’s Kickboxing Video.

So….I’m still standing, I am looking forward to checking in on my blogroll peeps and hoping everyone is “working it out” the best way that they can.