In the end, losing weight and being fit comes down to the simple things: discipline, planning, and being in control of your own life. By having your saftey foods with you at all times, you gain confidence, balanced blood sugar, healthful eating strategies, a fueled, bat burning muscle machine, and a sense of control over how you are going to live your life. So girl, get your game face on, pack your cooler, strap on those running shoes, and YOU be in CONTROL of your life rather than life being in control of you. -Corinne of Phit-n-Phat Training found via McCormick’s Blog.

1. I realized that I did not grow up eating healthy or learning to make good food choices. I’m not blaming my parents at all. We ate, we are all still alive and generally healthy, but we had a “meat, starch, veggie” diet and not alot of “healthy” snacking.  We drank full sugar kool-aid, full-fat milk, fried chicken/fish were common.  What probably saved me then was portions were controlled to a degree in that we all 5 ate what was prepared and then went on our way, there weren’t the limitless leftovers that I faced in my first job (fast food) and in the College buffet style dining hall situation. 

This realization makes me feel BETTER, in that I am realizing why and how I react the way that I do in food related situations.

2. I was not always fat. I was never super-thin, but I was pretty active in High School (basketball) and even ran a bit in college my first/second years. I remember doing a 4 mile loop w/ a huge hill around the university and how much I love(d) how my legs looked then.

3. Stressful situations are my primary trigger. Work/Project slumps/Being overwhelmed, lead me to eat, especially in front of the computer while trying to work through the blocks.  I haven’t found the full solution to this, but I’m happy I see the pattern(s).

Things I am proud of:

1. I have made the decision to make my health my #1 priority. I won’t let money or time rob me of my goal.

2. I am eating better and making much better food choices. I still have a long way to go in terms of “eating clean” but I am much more aware of how/when I am hungry and what I’m putting in my mouth (even when its the bad stuff).

3. I am encouraging other people. DC and I talk about our goals each time we chat, I got my brother a week pass at my gym when he was here and I’m considering getting a treadmill for my parent’s house even though I don’t live here/won’t be here much longer.

4. I’m constantly thinking of how I can “move more” and how I can incorporate cross-training/activities I like into my life. I’m seeing this as a LIFESTYLE. Not just a diet. In fact I’m not dieting. I’m changing the way I eat and live so that I can achieve all of my goals. I’m worth it.

5. I sincerely believe I can do it. Even with the couple of comments that have put a dent in my spirit, I know what I can do, what I have done and who powers me. I believe it from head to toe that I’m on the right track and will make goal, inspire others and feel great.