I dragged (and I’m not exaggerating much here), myself to the gym tonite at 8:30pm. I don’t think I’ve been to the gym that late since I was in college. And I MADE myself go on the principle (that I read somewhere) that you shouldn’t go more than two days in a row without working out. I can’t tell you (but you probably know) how much I just wanted to climb in my bed.

My workout was sluggish, but I’m still proud that I went. I felt every single one of the pounds I’m carrying around tonite. It was hard, but I made myself NOT do any weights.

Treadmill 32 mins 1.7 miles w/ incline up to 3
Upright Stationary Bike: 12 mins
Jump Rope (3 reps of 20 sec jump/40 sec rest)

As for the stationary bike, I really want to love this, but it is BO.RING. But I’m going to change my attitude by force and I’m going to LOVE the BIKE (mind over matter….). I want as many ways to cross-train as possible.

On the treadmill my knee hurt, I felt slow, sluggish and had no “power” but I MADE myself do 32 mins, after the first 12 I was ready to go home.

Jump Rope: Wow. Nothing says Lard Butt like only being able to jump for 20 seconds! But I love the techno goodness of my Tanita jump rope which counts calories (based on weight) and rotations. So all I have to do is watch the second hand on the wall clock.

I am very proud of myself for going.

Today was weird, I had a lot going on but I think I made decent choices given the circumstances.

9:30 am small Light’n’Fit yogurt w/ cereal
10:45am McDonald’s Fruit n Yogurt Parfait (this was hard b/c my bro had a steak bagel!)
12:30: 2 Newman’s Own Organic Fig cookies (yummy)

1pm: Chicken salad sandwhich on some type of grain bread w/ potato salad (mayo in both prolly bad but…)
7pm: slimfast shake (in car..i carry these in my car to keep me from stopping at fast food places)
8pm: 3 oz lamb w/ low fat tsaiki sauce (no pita!)
10pm: 4 oz lamb w/ low fat tasaiki sauce (no pita!)

Trying to drink up the H2O. That could be part of the prob.
Hope yall are doing well on your plans/programs.