I am seriously considering not doing any weight-lifting this month to see if it makes a difference on the scale. I feel like I worked out pretty hard last month and 4lbs lost is good, but kind of feels like not worth all that effort.

My younger brother is in town so we went to the gym together this a.m and it was great b/c he didn’t mind being in there for 1+ hours. He did his thing, I did mine.

Treadmill: 62 minutes
Indoor Track: 6 laps (1/2 mile)
Total Miles: 3.97

Ran up to 6 mins at a stretch.

1. A daily or weekly goal, so that each run has a purpose
Goal: 15 miles and/or cardio work 5x this week.

2. Time of your run in minutes
about 72 mins

3. Distance in miles or kilometers
3.97 mi

4. Time of day, as it may influence how you feel
10:30 a.m.

6. How you felt (on a scale of 1 to 10)
My knee hurt a little, my left foot hurt a little (playing tennis in wrong shoes?), kind of tired from only 5 hours of sleep.

iPod Playlist:

Outkast: I can’t wait
DJ Fresh: Latin Spirits
Blackeyed Peas: Like That (Remix)
Mariah Carey: Fantasy (Remix)
Mariah Carey: My All (Morales Remix)
Lupe Fiasco: Kick Push
Lupe Fiasco: Kick Push II
Lupe Fiasco: Food & Liquor
Rize Soundtrack: Krump
Luscious Jackson: Naked Eye (Remix)

I had McDonald’s (w/ fries) last night so I’m not that hungry today. Yogurt and eggs for breakfast, soup and multi-grain chips for lunch. Trying to drink H20 so I can go strong again tomorrow. Dinner was spinach, dressing w/gravy and baked lemon chicken. Probably should have avoided the dressing, but you only live once!

Dean Karnzes of the Treadmill? Maybe!