I was “tag surfing” and came across another fitness blog and it gave me another idea to set a target of miles run/walked/hiked by a specific date.  Must ponder this….. 

This week isn’t up yet so my goals for the 22nd/23rd are:

One gym/cardio workout-Complete (Friday, June 22)

One strength training workout (no access to gym)

Golf (complete, 18 holes Friday, June 22)

I will control portion sizes, eat vegetarian for breakfast and lunch. (er, kinda sorta. Need to focus on this more, but I’m not beating myself up.) I’m eating smaller portions, less overeating, need to get list of healthy snacks/quick/fast foods.

Goals for Week of 24th-30th:

Cardio 5x

6 mile loop 1x

Strength train 3x

I will control portions, eat vegetarian for breakfast and lunch and avoid butter in my vegetables.

I will drink at least 2 liters of water daily.