Friday morning I jumped up at 7:30 to get the day started and clipped on my new pedometer. Because work hasn’t kicked in yet, I don’t have to be up at a certain time but it was nice to get moving.

I hit the gym at 9:30am but couldn’t settle into a rythm. 1) I got the 1 treadmill I DON’T like then 2) My knee was aching like all hell on every footfall (left knee) and I realized I needed to go get my knee brace and 3) I had to tinkle! All in all I DID get 32 mins in on the treadmill and used the incline to get some sweat rolling.

I didn’t work out hard intentionally. 1) because the 6 mile hike from the previous day and 2) I was slated to play 18 holes with my friend Dana.

It was funny b/c this was the first day in a long time where I actually had things to do and a schedule to keep and I had to cut my gym time short (no lifting) which was good (so I wouldn’t be too tired to play 18 holes). But it did make me aware that I will BATTLE when my work schedule kicks into gear, but I will make my fitness priority #1! I promise!

We played 18 holes up at Swananoa off the Blue Ridge Parkway and it was BEAUTIFUL up there. Easily 10 degrees cooler than down the mountain. Even with the cart we got a workout. I logged something like 5000 steps for the 18 holes. And that doesn’t count the job that actually swinging and all that does to burn some calories.

All in all I logged 13,330 steps. 1) new pedometer is FAR more accurate and 2) I realized that to log 10k steps in a day you really ARE on your feet all DAMN day. So how do you have a desk job, much less a pretty intense, demanding one that requires 8-14 hour days and stay fit? I’m not sure, but I have some ideas!

I ate okay early in the day, I wasn’t hungry due to the big meal night before, had a decent lunch (grilled chicken, multigrain tortilla chips) and a hot dog and 2 beers during 4 hours of golf. Dinner…I slipped up and had 2.5 pieces of pizza, the big ones, but we were HUNGRY and it was good. I did stop when I wasn’t hungry anymore. I’m learning.

I can’t wait to try out my jumprope and my weightlifting gloves!