Today I was out the door but not really “hot to trot” so to speak, I wasn’t raring to jump on the treadmill and burn it up, and I realized why: It was beautiful outside. Low 80’s temps, no humidity and a breeze, which all screamed for some outside time. So I did a 6 mile trek around the Sentara Golf Course trail. The last 1.5 miles were hell, I was bored and ready sit my butt down. But, if I’m going to do the 13.1 mile VA Beach 1/2 marathon, I better have some idea how it’s gonna feel BEFORE I get there, no?

Also admitted that my body isn’t ready for running/hard workouts every day. It has only been a month and I need to pace myself so that I don’t burn out or get injured.

I went and checked out a local Karate Do Jo which specializes in Shorinkan Ryu. But I also looked at the general Body Pump classes from the gym and I may start with those due to the fact that a) I’ll probably be in California most of July and b) I don’t know where I’m going to be from August until ??? But I like that I’m trying to find ways to be active on the regular!

I weighed in today and I’m down 4lbs total from May 21.

I have eaten two packets of the microwavable, low-sugar oatmeal the last two days and did NOT add butter after I realized the butter is another 100 calories! Two packs is about 260 calories. Today I also had a little bit of sliced pineapple and didn’t finish the whole thing of oatmeal.

Pre-hike I drank a slimfast shake.

Post hike while running around doing errands I hit McDonalds…but wait, I got a chicken breast w/ no bun ($1.39!) and a double hamburger w/ no mayo. No soda, no fries. Been trying to drink H2O too.

Damn, went to a cookout and had two hamburgers and a hot dog. Not much carbs, about 2 tbsp baked beans and a handful of chips. No sodas or juices. Briefly consider vegetarianism (again!)

Start Weight May 21, 2007: 278 lbs
Today’s Weight June 21, 2007: 274 lbs

I’m okay with this as I think I have been building muscle (?? Is that possible in a month?) And I didn’t workout for like 8 days straight at one point, and I didn’t eat as clean as I could have. Good start.

I’m still waiting for my new bra to get here. Dammit!

I splurged today and got a new pedometer. The one my mom gave me doesn’t lace to my sneakers and I don’t like wearing it on my hip if I have on tennis shoes.

I also got the Tanita jump rope which I’m geekily excited about trying out. It counts calories and rotations which is nerdtastic!

I splurged on a pair of weightlifting gloves and found some GREAT golf shoes on sale (Nike!) and though I don’t need new ones it was too good to pass up.