I took yesterday off completely due to DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and I’m trying to not overdue it in my desire to see results fast. It was hard. But I see that I either do everything or nothing, very little in between.

I can feel that I am getting stronger, not sure about stamina, as I seem to still huff and puff when roaming around, but arms and legs and back feel like I’m doing something right (when I don’t overdo it).

I need to really be in the gym every day. I take off after heavy workouts, but today decided that instead of doing crazy heavy weights, that I’d do moderate so I can walk/move tomorrow to hit the gym again. taking two days off is okay every now and then, but for Operation Best Shape of My Life (OBSOML) I need to step it up a notch!

I think I’m becoming obsessed as all I think about is working out, what my body will look like in 12, 36, 52 weeks, etc. I do want to be mentally healthy with this as well.

I’m eating portions that are too big, but snacking less. I also was mortified to learn that the tsp of butter that I put in my oatmeal has 100 calories! WHAT?! and my beloved sausage patties? 144 calories. each. damn, so now I am down to really looking at labels and wishing that I could eat whatever I wanted but knowing that I cannot.

I also found another HUGE trigger for overeating/eating when I’m not hungry: work stress. If I’m facing a project or task that I am not 100% comfortable with I’ll get up and get something to eat. I also eat in front of my computer. Alot. I need to find another coping strategy, maybe my juggling balls or something like that? I KNEW what was happening and was still powerless to stop it.

I do well on days when I’m active. On my “off” days, not so much. I’m MUCH better than I’ve ever been, and I put some lemon slices in my water bottle today and that was a nice treat that I think I’ll continue.

Today my mom gently pushed me out the door. I am still overwhelmed by the goal of losing 128lbs and I get “stuck” but I got up and ate yogurt + cheerios, did some work then drank a slimfast shake on the way to the gym. And HO.LEE.ISH – I was hungry as Hell 3/4 of the way through my workout and when I got home I had two tuna sandwiches w/ chips and have been chugging water all day. what can/should i take into the gym since i seem to get hungry after and hour in there? slimfast shake? protein bar?

Treadmill: 50 mins (3.1-4.2 mph) I ran for up to 6 minutes this time! Very cool. Music makes all the difference on a treadmill.When I was running outside, I liked being alone in my head with my thoughts and working through problems/issues.

Indoor Track: 1 mile walk. I think this is to stave off boredom and shin splints.

Weights: upperbody (bench press, lateral row, horizontal row); legs (leg extension, leg extension #2, seated press and seated press calf raises).

I see that this is key. When my sleep pattern is off, then everything suffers and exercise and eating right fly out the damn window.


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