wow. yesterday was so so bad. I drank margaritas and daquaris, ate too much, didn’t sleep well, didn’t exercise, the whole 9 yards. I think i hit rock bottom, so after what 8 days of no exercise, I did hit the gym today. it was quiet being a saturday and all, but it was perfect. i did 5 mins in the sauna to get warmed up and stretch my legs.

Treadmill: 64 mins (3.6 miles)

Arm workout: 30 mins

Weight lost 1.5 lbs (26 days of which i worked out 11)

Okay, so i was bummed by only having lost 1.5 lbs so far, but I quickly realized that hey…at least I’m not GAINING anything like I was on the ship the last few months! I talked to my mom about the “blues”, some anxiety I am having and feeling overwhelmed and she was very supportive. She said she could tell that I seem different this attempt and I feel different so i think i know what she means.

i am definitely stronger, i can bench the bar + 5lbs now and i upped the reps (but no weight) to my skull crushers. Also, I ran, actually ran at 3.8-4.2 mph for up to 4 minutes at a stretch. It felt so good that I almost had tears in my eyes. I got that “endorphin rush” and I was like “ooohhhh yeahhhh, this is why i used to run” and i also told myself “you ARE a runner” I was looking forward to tomorrow’s workout before I even finished today’s! I even picked up a flyer for a 5k run/walk Aug 4th though I’m not sure where i’ll be. I can totally feel the effects of that workout on my body! I went to the store, cleaned my car and cleaned up the kitchen and i am pooped! i also was reading about someone whose spouse exercises, like its an obsession. and is it crazy that i’m like “oohh, yeah, i wanna be like that….”?

i hit the store and found a light wheat bread under 100 calories for two slices (80 cals), picked up fat free mayo, slimfast shakes (I just like them when i’m on the run to keep me from McDonald’s drive thru) and some turkey slices. I DID eat 6 wing dings and a salad for dinner, i didn’t eat properly today at all, but i am proud that i resisted the potato salad and pork chops that the family was having tonite (and they had ice cream! actually i don’t have a huge sweet tooth so that wasn’t much of a temptation).

Now i’m trying to get hopped up on H2O and get into the bed by 10pm so that i can get on a good sleep/work/play schedule.

Making Me a Priority

I think part of what i was/am struggling with is how to make my fitness/health a priority, and i also see that i am investing in things (internet) and people (not necessarily friends) who don’t benefit me in the overall sense. i have been let down recently in a couple of social arenas and i am wondering if i am too hard on people or too easy to let them in? the great thing about being 34 is I have a great core group of friends and family and i think i’m just going to minimize my investment to that core. if other things/people pop up worthy of time: great AND it fits MY schedule/budget/needs: GREAT if not: Siyonara! this is hard for me being such a people person and people pleaser but you know what? i’m done. d-o-n-e, finished.

i ordered a new bra from Activa Sports at that I’m excited about! If I like it I’ll order more. Definitely gotta keep “the girls” happy!

i have this dream of mastering a martial art. another reason that a “base” level of fitness is desirable to me!

articles on martial arts:

mauy thai and martial arts in bangkok: