it has been exactly a week since i last exercised. i have been out of town for a client and i really wanted to use this as a test to see if i was going to workout while “on the road” apparently not. I had access to a great gym in the Marriott in Indianapolis, but I didn’t use it a single day.

I am not really down on myself, which I am glad about, i think i hit a patch of the “blues” this past week, nothing major, but transitioning back to the USA and now having to ramp up client/billables/work after 3.5 months traveling the globe is a bit of a shock to the system. Today is exactly 4 weeks that i have been back. I have worked out two out of the four weeks i have been back and that is better than nothing!

also, i ate pretty well for being on the road! i am proud that i was pretty aware of what i was eating and when i was hungry. today was the worst day, i had fast food, no veggies, no water and jack and coke! it was lots of travel delays and stuck in chicago/dc and bored….TRIGGER!

i believe i’m not so down on myself because of the opportunity to really investigate what triggers me to eat well vs. poorly: fatigue, lack of sleep, boredom, excitement, stress and if its in front of me. i think about how i ate the last 8 months and the way i’ve been eating the last few weeks and i’m confident of the progress. i had french fries once this week, chips twice i think. i ordered entrees w/ double veggies a couple of times and even stopped eating at two pieces (one whole piece) of french toast.

i did worse and worse with drinking water as the week went on and now need to make up for it.

i also think that i got overwhelmed and discouraged by the amount of weight i want/need to lose and i just kind of “checked out” but i was very aware of it in a way i’ve never been before. i also had to realize that sometimes you get tested on the things you are strong in. so i’m great a being a cheerleader for everyone else, great at telling people that they can do whatever they set their mind to….and i realized that i’m not believing the gospel that i’m preaching! eggads! but very cool to realize. so i had to hit rock bottom i think and it is great b/c i’m NOT discouraged, i know tomorrow i will put one foot in front of the other again and get into the gym and keep trying. i won’t give up, i’m scared for my mental health if I do.

i’m also getting excited about work again and i realize i am a 120mph or 20mph person, i need to learn better to operate at 60-80 mph and still keep focused. if i’m not scheduled and organized then i don’t feel structured and don’t get things done. so, getting back to work and having deadlines will be good, but now i have to guard my health as my #1 priority. also, i’ll have another chance to see if i exercise on the road come july when i spend most of the month in california.

i make the weather. i can do this. and i’ve been excited about getting into the gym all day. i’m also pretty sure that my registration for the rock n roll 1/2 marathon was done in Jan before i left on my trip. i got some crazy “register a friend” email today so i’m pretty sure that i must have registered myself.

some keys to my success for this upcoming 3 weeks:

1. i’ll be in one place, or at least one state.

2. i’m excited to get back into the gym and see if i feel stronger after the rest, and my foot was really killing me when i left so maybe it needed a rest (hahahaha)

3. work deadlines, work on rental house = structure, which will force me to have a schedule so i don’t just let workingout slide until the end of the day and risk not doing it.

i’m learning a lot and i feel pretty good. a long way to go, but I make the weather!

i’m also dreaming of going somewhere and training like a demon! like Gleason’s gym in Brooklyn or somewhere in Thailand or something. I know I’m crazy.