Walking: approx 4 miles

Recumbent Bike: 30 min

Arms: lat pulldowns (2 types) 8 sets; bench press (2 at bar, 2 at bar +5lbs!), recline bench press 2 sets of 7 reps at bar. 

update: i have exercised 11 of the last 16 days.

Today was kind of weird. I went to bed too late last night working on a project with/for my nephew’s end of school year party. due to that, ended up eating icing and cake batter, but i didn’t beat myself up, its what you do when you bake a cake right? but, all that sugar made me hungry for salt and that made me want diet pepsi. i should have been drinking water.

anyway, i walked to the “gritty” gym from my parent’s house, did the recumbent bike for 30 min, did arms for another 30 and walked back. probably 4 miles or so walking total. It felt great, and i’ll be honest, i wasn’t sure when i walked out the door if I was going to make it. It was 4:30pm, and I was in the mood to just sit down somewhere and chill!  I’m proud of myself though. I did the recumbent bike for two reasons: 1) it seemed weird to walk 2 miles to the gym to walk on the treadmill, and 2) my right foot is killing me!

it was a beautiful day for a walk and i had my big iPod with me. the iPod shuffle is acting crazy still so…i deal and its fine. i carried my backpack w/ two frozen bottles of water and it was great to chug super cold water at both ends of the journey.

my mom gave me a pedometer today. i am happy b/c i was thinking of buying one and she had a used one. i don’t think its super acurate but it will do. I only wore it 1/2 day but logged 6,000 steps on it. That sounds pretty good, but that includes the walk to and from the gym, i don’t think i do the 10,000 recommended steps per day on a good day! so…now I have something else so track and measure. 

oh, i really ate dirty today! i had two mcdonald’s hamburgers and a diet coke (no fries!) and at my nephew’s party I had some chips w/ salsa and some chips w/ french onion. BUT I didn’t overeat and I totally didn’t eat any of the cookies, etc. again, I don’t feel bad.

For dinner we had grilled porkchops, mixed asian veggies and corn on the cobb! how cool is that, my whole family is so supportive. I’m trying to down a ton of water now before bed and think about what workout I want to do tomorrow. I hope my foot feels better. I am fighting the feeling of discouragement that I have so far to go. BUT, when I think about it, there really is no other option. I really want the weight off and I was thinking today, I really do want to live an active lifestyle. I want to play tennis, jump rope, hike, swim, bike, martial arts, etc. I got excited thinking about that and I pray those types of thoughts will sustain me. I do feel like my mindset and approach is different this time somehow.