low key day. i’m feelin’ kind of “off” emotionally, not sure why. have had a nice long stretch of feeling a general sense of well-being so maybe its just a rainy day? lots going on in “real life” after 4 months traveling around the world in a bubble? getting ready to travel for work again? who knows.

did the 3.2 mile trail out at Hampton Senatara. Just felt like being outside, don’t want to get burnt out on the treadmill. It was hilarious at one point I really began to believe that I was wandering in circles because I couldn’t get the hell out of the course/find the parking lot. too funny. My mom had put one of my water bottles in the freezer and I grabbed both on the way out. Man, when I got back to the car, the one that had been frozen was PERFECT. cold as a winter day, small slivers of ice but 99.8% melted and it was GOOOOD. sometimes it is the small things.

i think maybe i’m overwhelmed by the task at hand and feeling like “life” i.e. I think I mean dating and sex 🙂 won’t begin again until i accomplish this goal. not sure why i’ve made that tie, but i’m putting it out there for me to just ponder. i don’t want to hang out w/ most of my friends right now, mainly because i need to focus on ramping up at work, also to reduce the social situations where fatty food is always in abundance along with that she-devil: liquor…hmmmm liquor. anyway, my sense of humor seems to be close at hand so maybe the sun will be out tomorrow. it was nice to walk today with my thoughts for company. i’m looking forward to the day when i can actually run that trail!

I didn’t eat as “clean” today as I have recently, but still not anything to beat myself up over. I had a 3 egg white + 1 yolk + spinach + cheese omlette and 2 sausage patties for lunch. breakfast was non fat yogurt w/ raisin bran. pre gym snack was multi-grain tortilla chips and some pulled pork (vs. putting on a wheat bun).  Dinner I made whole wheat pasta w/ veggies, sausage, shrimp, olive oil and butter. it was really good, the family was cool w/ the whole wheat pasta which i was worried about. ended up snacking late night on sugar while making a cake w/ my nephew which led to a “salty” craving= popcorn and diet pepsi. actually i can feel my thirst which means i need to be drinking h20 so i can workout tomorrow.