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After that workout Thursday and heading out of town for the weekend on Friday, I didn’t workout 3 days in a row. I don’t feel particularly bad especially since I ate pretty well all weekend. I did however WANT to go to the gym today, and my friend B got me into Gold’s in C’ville for free! So we were there about 1.4 hours.

treadmill: 45 minutes, huge inclines!
arms: moderate workout: bench press, barbell curls, lat pulldowns, tri pushdowns. I am feeling stronger. “Aunt Flow” is gone so I will likely weigh myself tomorrow at the gym. My 1 week pass runs out tomorrow and I will only be in town two more days this week, so I’m thinking of walking up to the other gym (more gritty, less sexy equipment) and running on treadmill/lifting there on Weds/Thurs.

It is also time for me to get back to work. So now I will have to manage my responsibilities, my recreation and my goals. I am ready to get the weight off. I can feel the impatience creeping in, the fear that is ever present that I’ll be unable to do it or to keep it off, but none of that will keep me from trying. I also saw two really good friends this weekend and they had both gained quite a bit of weight too. It was oddly inspiring in that I had dinner with one and had red wine, chicken potstickers and broccoli instead of the flame broiled cheeseburger with fries that I kind of wanted. I did snack out at like 1am, on cheese and crackers, but I feel like I am learning to STOP when I’m satisfied.

I even went to mcdonalds to get something for a friend and i wasn’t even tempted to get anything there. I WAS tempted today however to get something fast and gooey/fried good….but I didn’t. Portions are down, but can still do better on choices (i.e. fried wings, caesar salad dressing). one day at a time.

also, my foot hurst like a mofo, not sure what I did. hope its okay when i wake up though. gotta hit the gym tomorrow!